and the entire hall was in a mess, not a single table was unaffected.

and the entire hall was in a mess, not a single table was unaffected.
The black-faced secretary came over and raised his hand, “Sir, the criminal has been captured. Do you want to check upstairs to see if there are any survivors?”
The leading secretary frowned, “That’s true. It’s reasonable, I’d like to help all the
/righteous men.” Seeing this, Li Yongsheng simply sat down and didn’t leave after arresting the people. It was obvious that he came for Yongxin. Since this was the case, he was not in a hurry.
More than a dozen “righteous men” rushed upstairs and kicked open the door one by one to search. When the black-faced repairman saw the young man sitting down, he raised his hand and said, “Sir, this person is blocking the security bureau’s work. Do you want to investigate?”
A smile appeared at the corner of Li Yongsheng’s mouth.
The leading cultivator did not answer directly. The other party’s smile gave him some bad feelings.
After pondering for a while, he slowly replied, “Wait a minute, this person said that I have a quick temper. I have no other good qualities except that I always do good. Give him a chance. What did you want to say just now?”
“Haha,” Li Yongsheng laughed. He became more cheerful, “I just wanted to ask you, do you know how Huang Hao died?”
“Huang Hao?” The leader, Xiu, frowned suspiciously and muttered softly, “Which Huang Hao?”
The next moment, his eyes He opened his eyes suddenly and turned pale, “Are you talking about Huang Hao from the bureau headquarters?” The
Chaoan Security Bureau does not only exist in the capital. In fact, they have branches in various regions. For example, the person in front of you is People from the Southwest Bureau.
The bureau headquarters is also called the general bureau.
With a smile on his lips, Li Yongsheng looked at him silently without saying a word until he saw fluffy beads of sweat starting to form on his nose before he replied slowly, “I only know Huang Hao.” The
team leader Xiu First he was startled, and then he yelled at the top of his lungs, “Stop, stop it all!”
Because he was so excited, his voice was a little out of tune. In entertainment novels on the earth, this is called broken sound.
The black-faced Secretary Xiu was startled when he heard this, “Sir, what do you mean by this?”
“Asshole, tell your people to stop!” The Secretary Xiu who led the team cursed loudly, not seeing the slightest sign of what he had just said to the “righteous people” He was appreciated, “Hey, what are you doing here, looking for a beating?”
The black-faced Secretary Xiu was shocked, turned around and ran towards the stairs, but the group of volunteers were still destroying the private room.
/The team leader shouted twice to vent some of his terrifying emotions, and then turned his head again.
He originally wanted to ask the other party why he didn’t tell him earlier, but seeing that calm face, he subconsciously controlled his emotions and took a deep breath, “Do you know Huang Hao?”
“I’ve met him twice,” Li Yongsheng said slowly an