as challenging the three conferences or his current outstanding performance, but as the church members gathered, I really found that this group of people is unfathomable, especially in their bones. The temperament exuding seems to be disdainful of dominating here, and they are more willing to make friends. Zhang Yang is the first one here who is willing to contact them. I heard that this kid and Meng Ningzi are going with the church this time. I’ve practiced, but I don’t know what progress I’ve made.”

Ni Yong was quite interested. Ni Yong also had an easy-going temperament, but he did not have the courage to leave the Alchemy Alliance like Han Chuxue. However, Zhou Qian’s performance made Ni Yong unable to help but be moved.
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The pursuit of the ultimate in alchemy, especially the atmosphere in the temple, is absolutely incomparable to the Alchemy Alliance.
Meng Ningzi’s opponent came from the master of the Nangong family in Daxia, Nangong Li. This was a monk in the Nangong family’s deity realm, sitting at the level. It seemed that the Nangong family had become extra cautious after the True Essence Beast Competition, and they were also facing the Meng family. Give it your all.
After all, Nangong Li is the elder, and the families of Daxia and Dazhou are also connected. The Nangong family and the Meng family also have certain intersections. Winning is certain, and face must be given.
“Haha, niece Meng, it’s not easy for me to bully you. I’ll give you three moves.”
Nangong Li is quite elegant.
Meng Ningzi bowed slightly, the Meng family would never lose etiquette in this regard, “Senior Nangong, this is a dojo competition, you don’t have to be polite, I also want to go all out, aiming to gain experience.”
Nangong Li touched his beard and laughed, “Okay, let’s get started.”
But Nangong Li still wouldn’t make the first move. Just kidding, it’s not embarrassing enough for him, a master of the Divine Realm, to act hastily in the face of a young man.
“Oh no, eldest sister, why are you being polite to him? Don’t let this opportunity go to waste!”
Meng Xian said eagerly, he is also twelve years old, has just completed his cultivation, and has good talent. He was selected from close relatives of the Meng family. He has always followed Meng Ningzi as an example. For the Meng family, their daughter will eventually leave. , we must make two preparations, Meng Xian is more anxious than Meng Ningzi.
“In practicing and doing things, don’t be eager for quick success. What is yours must be yours, and it is not yours. If you take it for a while, you will only lose your identity.”
Meng Xian secretly stuck out his little tongue. Why is there so much truth? He is just a child. When it comes to fighting, he who doesn’t take advantage of others is a fool.
With the bow raised, Meng Ningzi’s true energy shone brightl