ou think it’s unlucky to move to a new house?”

The disciples of the Beast Control Hall couldn’t help laughing, but they still gave Baicao Hall face and didn’t laugh unbridled. What does this mean?
Baicaotang, the main physical cultivator who was injured, is only half-disabled. It makes no difference whether he dares to challenge the Beast Yutang. However, the Beast Yutang can concentrate on preparing for the battle with Huoyuntang.
“Senior brother, isn’t this the legendary explosion of character?” a disciple of the Beast Control Hall said flatteringly.
“Luck is also part of strength!”
Jia Sidao glanced at Qiao Qian, whose eyes were ashen. I am afraid that even if it comes to a personal battle, whether Qiao Qian can recover is a question.
Wang Meng was of great help to him.
“This Wang Meng is really interesting. He actually knows how to interpret swordsmanship.”
“No wonder Tianyi attaches so much importance to it. He knows how to use the five elements to restrain each other and cooperate with the sword skills, and his defeat in the housewarming is not unfair.”
“It’s a pity that it’s bad luck in moving to a new house. It’s a pity that the Five Elements are in conflict and can’t be used by Yushoutang. Lei Guangtang’s own strength is still too weak.”
“This kid shows off his skills too much, but ignores the most essential difference in Yuan Power. That’s pretty much it.”
“Haha, Qiao Qian cares too much about the Bailing Sword. He can win against Wang Meng just by using ordinary sword skills.”
“The authorities are obsessed with it. This kid’s spirituality and insight are a bit lacking.”
The sound gradually weakened, and the two figures disappeared into the cheers of the Lei Guang Hall disciples.
One hundred and fifty-six battles against beasts
/Lei Guangtang won, and it was a three-win sweep. Baicaotang was shaved bald, which really vented the depression he had been feeling for many years.
All the disciples of Lei Guang Hall felt like they were having a holiday. It can be imagined that after losing and losing for so many years, they almost didn’t know what victory felt like.
But this is not Lei Guangtang after all. It’s okay to cheer for a while. It’s better to go back to your own branch hall to celebrate.
This is the first time since the fall of Lei Guangtang that he has walked out of Baicaotang with his head held high. Only those who have experienced it know the feeling.
The news immediately spread throughout the nine peaks of the Holy Temple. Although the other branches have not yet started the war, they are also paying attention to the results here. In fact, who will win and who will lose at the bottom of the Thunder Light Hall and Baicao Hall? For those at the top As for the branch hall, he doesn’t care, he just pays a little attention to the level of the eldest disciple. After all, it is related to personal battle.
Lei Guangtang’s three-game sweep of Baicao Hall still caused some slight fluctuations.
/“Senior Brother, Baicao Hall is dead.” Fang Luffy obviously hadn’t come out of his surprise yet