ricking him into a big hedgehog!

Other Nuo masters rushed over and saw this situation and hurriedly stopped. At this moment, a Zhu family Nuo master rushed out from behind them and sneered: “Get away from all useless things!”
The great Nuo of the Zhu family opened the three secret treasures of Niwanjiang Palace and Yuchi, activated Niwan Cave Heaven, rushed forward, and saw roots breaking out of the ground all around, enveloping the villagers!
The bone spears, bone clubs, bone swords and other objects in the hands of the villagers were covered with flesh and blood, making them impossible to hold!
Even the bodies of the villagers began to grow strangely. Some had another face growing on their faces, some had another heart growing on their hearts, and some were three to five times larger than before, covered in fat!
From the elderly villagers to the children, everyone is controlled by his Nuo skills!
This Da Nuo performs the Niwan Nuo technique that the Zhou family dominates the world. After the Zhou family was destroyed, many secrets that were not passed down fell into the hands of other families!
“Kill them!”
/The Da Nuo sneered and walked towards the Jiangxian strange plant with eager eyes, “To cut the weeds, we must remove them by their roots, leaving no one behind!”
Behind him, the Zhu family Nuo masters rushed out, activated the sword energy in the sword box, and slashed at the villagers. The swords flashed and stabbed a child with a deformed body!
The child’s mother was nearby. She had been entangled by roots and her body had become deformed. She struggled hard and whined, but she was too late to save her child!
/In front of the small earth altar, the young villager was having his wounds treated by the Jiangxian Strange Plant. The Jiangxian Strange Plant was indeed miraculous and pulled him back from death.
He struggled to get up and was about to meet the Zhu family’s Nuo.
The great Nuo of the Zhu family came up with his hands behind his back, his eyes were strange, and he smiled and said: “It can heal even a cut throat. It is indeed a fairy grass. So, if you cut off the head, can you put it back again?”
He flicked his hair gently, and a strand of hair was like a sword, passing through the young villager’s neck, and suddenly a big head flew up!
He is Da Nuo. Faced with a country boy who has only a strong body but only the realm of knocking off, can’t he easily crush him to death?
The Zhu family’s Danuo smiled and walked towards the Jiangxian strange plant. However, the head of the young villager flew towards the neck again, and the broken part of the flesh sprouts flew up and connected with the body’s neck!
The Zhu family’s Nuo eyes widened, and he saw that the young villager’s head had grown back together with his body, and he was really alive!
“who is it?”
He suddenly turned around and saw a figure standing between the other Zhu family Nuo masters and the villagers. All the sword energy suddenly stopped in the air and stood still. The faces of the Zhu family Nuo masters turned red and they tri