e, and the 8 brothers and sisters for their generosity!

e, and the 8 brothers and sisters for their generosity!
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Wang Bo walked to the empty seat in front of Sun Li and sat down. He immediately aroused the hostility of many boys around him. He thought to himself, why is this guy so ignorant of the rules? Can an ordinary-looking guy like him sit directly opposite the goddess? They are all playing around in a tacit understanding. Why is this bitch so ignorant?
Wang Bocai didn’t bother to care about the eyes of the people around him, so he pulled away the chair and sat down with a golden sword. The sound of him dragging the chair attracted Sun Li’s idea. The girl looked up and was shocked. She was stunned for a while, and then returned her eyes to the page of the book, but she could no longer read the content of the page.
The shock on Sun Li’s face made the boys around her feel happy, and they directly interpreted it as the goddess’ dislike of Wang Bo.
/Wang Bo raised the corner of his mouth, straightened his neck, and glanced at the content of the book Sun Li was reading like a duck. With just one glance, he saw an extremely familiar sentence:
“Eradicate human tyranny! The world belongs to Trisolaris!”
It turned out that the other party was Watching my own version of “The Three-Body Problem”!
The curvature of the corner of Wang Bo’s mouth became more curved, and his heart suddenly became very happy. Some of the anxiety and uncertainty that he had felt suddenly disappeared. With joy, he made a move that was beyond the expectations of everyone around him, causing their eyes to spit fire. Wanting to kill someone, he stretched out his hand, reached into the plastic bag of pistachios in front of Sun Li, picked up a pistachio and threw it into his mouth!
The potential suitors around Sun Li were shocked when they saw that this person was so shameless. They all gnashed their teeth and shared the same hatred. They were waiting for a look of disgust or a word of dissatisfaction from the goddess in front of them, and then they would stand up and “justice”. Act as a flower protector.
Sun Li glanced at Wang Bo’s movements, but her expression made the fans around her a little disappointed. She was very calm and could not see any ups and downs. But her next movements immediately made them happy. They saw the goddess unzipping the school bag next to her. , rummaging around for a while, and quickly found a pack of “Old Sichuan” beef jerky, and tore off the seal from the gap. Fans have always believed that this is because the goddess is kind and wants to calm things down, but she does not want to touch the snacks that have been “contaminated” by the villain in front of her.
However, before the fans’ happiness could fully ferment, they immediately took a sharp turn and fell from heaven to hell:
I saw that the goddess tore off the seal of “Old Sichuan” without saying a word and threw it directly to the opposite side, who they regarded as a “disciple” and a “reckless man”. Yi Jiaoy