e the runes of traitors!

Perhaps Xu Ying was using these runes to attract the attention of the God King!
Thunder continued in the sky, and along with the thunder, the lightning texture formed more heavenly runes, gradually filling the sky.
The power of heaven is getting thicker and thicker, as if this place has become a world of heaven!
A thunder exploded in the sky, the thunder was extremely bright, but as the thunder dimmed, a figure appeared in the originally empty sky.
Xu Ying and Zhong Xiao suddenly felt the extremely heavy power of Heaven, which directly crushed them over. It was so heavy that it was hard to breathe!
The color of heaven makes them blind, the sound of heaven makes them deaf, and the will of heaven makes them crazy, almost falling into chaos.
Xu Ying let out a loud roar, and the Nuozu caves behind him jumped out one after another. The hidden scenes unfolded subtly, and he entered the realm of the four immortals, finally resisting the power of heaven!
His immortal realm enveloped everyone and flew away towards the Cangwu Abyss.
But the next moment, Xu Ying’s hidden scene was hidden in the sky, and thunder was seen. After countless thunders flashed, heavenly runes appeared in the sky!
The god king of the heavenly world was actually invading his hidden place!
Seeing this, Zhong Xiao couldn’t help but say something. He activated the Tiandao Dojo, stood up, and tried to erase those Tiandao runes.
At the same time, Taishi Jiang raised his Heavenly Punishment Sword and was also slashing at the heavenly runes.
Outside the hidden scene, Xu Ying turned into a rainbow light and swept towards the Cangwu Abyss. Looking back, he saw the figure standing in the lightning moving and floating towards this side.
When that figure moved, the Heavenly Dao runes in the entire sky of the original world were pulled at the same time, moving with his figure, turning into a Heavenly Dao cloak, fluttering behind him!
The figure came quickly towards this side, its cloak hunting.
At the same time, Xu Ying’s hidden scene lurked in the ground, and Chong Xiao, Zhou Tianzi and Jiang Taishi took action at the same time to resist the invasion of the runes of heaven!
This is the power of the God King in the world of heaven!
Just by his arrival, four top masters including Xu Ying and Zhong Xiao were left scrambling.
“Rebellious ministers and traitors!”
The god king of the heavenly world was so fast that the end of the world seemed so close, and the next moment he came behind Xu Ying and others.
/And in Xu Ying’s hidden scene, countless thunders exploded in the sky, forming heavenly runes that even Chongxiao and others had no time to erase!
Even Zhongxiao’s Heavenly Dao Dojo was invaded by a vast and profound Heavenly Dao will. Thunder struck above the dojo, forming various other types of Heavenly Dao runes!
The God King of the Tiandao World is actually invading the Tiandao Dojo in Chongxiao!
The Heavenly Punishment Sword that Taishi Jiang had sacrificed was unexpectedly invaded by Heaven at this moment