asks, both men and women, watching the fierce competition, roaring and screaming, excitement and chaos blending together.

Wang Xuan rejected the middle-aged man on the spot and told him clearly that he would never walk in a gray area. He liked the study of old arts, but he would not “show blood” in front of others.
The short-haired middle-aged man laughed at that time and told him that he was just taking him to see another side of the city. The real world was far from what he usually saw.
The bloody actual combat in the iron cage has little to do with them. They only occasionally select potential seedlings.
As for them, they are a group of explorers.
What they have to experience is far more thrilling, exciting, mysterious, and even terrifying than this cage match, because they have entered the starry sky and are not limited to the old land.
The middle-aged man told him that no matter in terms of prospects or strength, the explorers were very brilliant, far from being comparable to those who wandered in the gray area and the organization.
They chatted several times during that time, but Wang Xuan still rejected him.
The short-haired middle-aged man left him a golden business card and told him that if he changes his mind after graduation, he can come here to find him.
And as early as that time, that is, two years ago, the short-haired middle-aged man predicted that the old art experimental class would inevitably be disbanded and this investment project would be stranded.
/“Why did you find me?” Wang Xuan once asked him seriously back then.
The short-haired middle-aged man told him that it was the investment project of the Old Technique Experimental Class that first attracted his attention. Then, he observed everyone in the class and finally only focused on two people.
Others in the class are not determined enough and have doubts about the old skills. Even if they follow the old path, their achievements will be limited.
In fact, after Wang Xuan embarked on the path of old skills, he was out of control. In just a few years, he succeeded in collecting Qi and nourishing his body.
The short-haired middle-aged man believed that Wang Xuan had great potential and would probably make extraordinary achievements in the old arts.
This organization is relatively free and loose, but its strength is undoubted. At the same time, it is very mysterious. Its tentacles have already entered the starry sky and can reach new stars.
“Formal introduction, you can call me Aoki.” The short-haired middle-aged man wearing a cyan mask spoke, breaking the silence.
“Does this count as joining?” Wang Xuan asked.
Aoki said: “That’s not all. You are one of the potential seedlings I have selected in the past few years, but you are not the only one.”
“Do you have to pass any tests?”
“Yes, this is an existing rule. Although I think highly of you, I can’t change it.”
Aoki, a middle-aged man with short hair, told him that there would be an expedition in two days, which could be used as his assessment, and asked him if he would participate