as a kind of civilized exchange. Of course, the weaker party is the one who is experienced, and may even be harvested, and may be extremely uncomfortable. However, this is the case between various civilizations. For example, every time in the Extraordinary Center World The deviation will be accompanied by the ebb and flow, the rise and fall of powerful tribes, the fall of epic heroes, and even the origin and annihilation of many races. It is difficult to explain clearly, the current unrest in the extraordinary central world, on the big stage Do all kinds of gorgeous confrontations also have a relationship between experience and resistance? Perhaps, there are stronger races that also experience it among the declining ‘pseudo-strong races’ like us.”

Wang Xuan was silent for a short time. Is this a “simple” pursuit, or is it a group of people with mental illness who are self-healing?
He looked at the crack in the universe, and saw that the super matter was thicker and the thumping sound was deafening. He remained calm and asked, “How do you all experience it?”
/“We experience it in so many ways.”
/Her simple introduction was like arriving quietly on some living planets, starting from the wilderness, to the city, and then to the extraordinary sect.
“Here, any experiencer can release their original heart to their heart’s content. Some people like to stand by and watch quietly without actually participating.”
“There are also people who like to start with a small character, such as possessing a little knight, constantly fighting, becoming a lord, then a principality, and finally unifying the empire.”
“Some people even like to join a spiritual sect, possess a disciple, become stronger step by step, and finally stir up trouble on a mythical planet.”
“Of course, the process is very dangerous, especially for the fallen ones, who are unwilling to leave the host’s body after harvesting. Due to various changes, they are extremely dangerous.”
“A small number of kind and powerful experiencers coexist with the host, like children of destiny, and both parties win-win. There are also many experiencers whose hearts are as high as the sky. Well, it’s a pity that the experience is extremely bad. Life is even more tiring, and they have been spinning at the bottom for many years. , finally abandoned the host and decisively cut the losses.”
“Top experiencers can reach the advanced level step by step, and even ascend to the fairy world, which can stir up the storm in the great barrier. Of course, the closer to the top of the pyramid, the higher the mortality rate. After all, at the top of the myth, Those creatures are very strong and difficult to approach, and it is not easy to possess them.”
Wang Xuan’s face is not very good-looking. The various actions of the experiencer are fooling other people’s lives and should be shot.
Mu Han bluntly said that having the most simple and authentic experience in the real universe and living among the various conditions of the world is not only an improvement in Taoism, but also a life practice