ls are completely different from the dragon girls and dragon girls playing outside.

The atmosphere here seemed very good, and Zhang Jian noticed that Bai Liying also showed a long-lost smile.
/But at this time, before the invisible divine light and forbidden law fluctuated in the Immortal Palace, a dragon goddess with a delicate temperament, dragon horns on her head, and water vapor all over her body walked out of it. She exuded a majestic divine power, and her Taoism was extremely tyrannical.
She seems to be the forewoman of this water palace.
Seeing Ying Long Shen, the goddess immediately stepped forward and chatted with Ying Long Shen for a few words. Ying Long Shen also introduced Zhang Jian and the two at this time.
“Fellow Daoist Zhang, Fellow Daoist Bai, let me introduce to you, this is the celebrity in front of the Jellyfish Empress, Fairy Linglu!”
“Zhang Jian of Central Heaven, Bai Liying has seen Fairy Linglu!”
Fairy Linglu’s eyes fell on Bai Liying, and a smile appeared in her eyes after a moment.
“I already know your purpose of coming, and I will go and inform you. However, whether the Jellyfish Queen is willing to see you depends on your own luck and luck!”
“Thank you for your help, Fairy (Senior)!”
Zhang Jian and Bai Liying were solemn.
After Fairy Linglu left, Lord Yinglong said to Zhang Jian with a gossipy look.
“Fellow Daoist Zhang, I have to congratulate you in advance. This matter will probably come true!”
“Senior, why is this?”
Zhang Jian looked surprised.
Yinglong Shenjun said.
“Linglu is the divine eye in front of my aunt, almost a barometer in the palace. If Linglu doesn’t like someone, even if he is presented to my aunt, I’m afraid he won’t get her attention!”
“On the contrary, if the person is chosen by the spiritual law, there is a five to six chance that he can stay in the palace!”
Zhang Jian’s heart moved, and Bai Liying couldn’t help but feel a little happy in her eyes.
“With the auspicious words of the Lord God, I hope my wife can enter the empress’s seat and sit down to practice!”
Sure enough, not long after, Fairy Linglu came to report, and Empress Jellyfish summoned Bai Liying.
Jellyfish summoned Bai Liying alone, and Zhang Jian and Lord Yinglong directly entered the Shuijun Immortal Palace ahead. Several other immortals from the Jellyfish Palace came to receive them.
Although Zhang Jian was worried about Bai Liying’s performance, he also knew that he could only rely on Bai Liying’s own luck and wisdom at this time.
At this time, several immortals and gods appeared in the side hall laughing.
These immortal gods are all gods in the Jellyfish Palace, and they are all ancient immortals or ancient gods.
Most of them are obviously aimed at Shenjun Yinglong, and they are also his friends in the Jellyfish Palace.
Their conversation was extraordinary. In front of them, Zhang Jian could be regarded as a ‘first time’ member of the heavenly realm. When it came to knowledge, this was his shortcoming. However, when it came to his understanding of the laws of heaven and ear