empty sea, with no shore in sight, below, there were waves, and a thin mist filled the air with the sound of waves crashing against each other.

In the mist, strange lights sometimes flashed faster than a thunderbolt. This feeling was a bit like the monk’s sea of ??consciousness, only more grand.
Wang Meng was a little doubtful whether the space he was in now was illusory.
When I first arrived in the Zhongqian Realm, I thought that the Zhongqian Realm was very weak, but today, every plane has its unfathomable places, and every experience is unrepeatable.
The place that only the soul can enter is the space at the level of consciousness. At this time, the feeling of being under surveillance became clearer, and solemn hostility spread from all directions.
The fruit of godhood, the demonization of divinity, the void, the godhood space that only the soul can enter, all kinds of information are intertwined together. It is obvious that what is hidden in this broken void, a conspiracy? secret? The secret of the laws of space? Or is it a chance to become a god?
The answers to all these are hidden in this sea of ??emptiness, waiting to be discovered.
Above the sea, the fog became thicker and thicker, and gradually the sea disappeared. Only the sound of the sea water could be heard. At this time, the sky suddenly lit up, thousands of stars twinkled, and the hazy clouds and mists mist changed among the stars.
Among them, thirty-six stars formed an astrological pattern, which was obviously particularly shining.
I saw thirty-six stars suddenly shooting out thousands of rays of brilliance. Among the twinkling stars, a graceful and gorgeous female figure gradually emerged. In Wang Meng’s understanding, this is the instinct of gods towards mortals. Even the most powerful monks, to gods, are just the most powerful mortals among mortals.
Two rays of divine light shot out of the goddess’s eyes, and their pupils suddenly matched with those of Wang Meng.
/Boom, in an instant, Wang Meng’s soul suddenly shook as if struck by lightning. An infinite divine power continuously invaded his soul. It was forcibly assimilating Wang Meng and forcing Wang Meng to surrender to the goddess in the most pious way!
For God, this is faith!
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Legend has it that this is the source of God’s power.
Wang Meng’s soul is not composed of ordinary destiny. In this plane, even if the true god comes down, Wang Meng is not afraid. In terms of the strength of the destiny, the opponent will not have the slightest advantage.
However, Wang Meng made a mistake. Power not only comes from strength, but also skills. Not to mention a god, even a demigod’s understanding of the godhead must be higher than his. After all, he inherited from Mo Shan and also arrived in the Zhongqian Realm. Only then did he begin to understand the nature of the Godhead.
Kong You’s powerful power was suppressed, and this goddess was disintegrating Wang Meng bit by bit.
Surrender and bathe in the light of God to gain eternal life.
This belief was constantly being instilled