things may be included in it.

This sun mark needs to condense on its own.
Just relying on Zhang Jian’s extraordinary understanding and vision, it is also very easy to understand the laws of the movement of the true fire of the sun.
Zhang Jian has an extraordinary affinity for the fire attribute itself, and he is a pure yang Taoist, so he feels like he has divine help when he comprehends it.
Zhang Jian felt that his ‘Golden Crow Body’ was gradually able to break through the Sun’s True Fire area on the periphery of the ‘Sun Star’, and his ‘Golden Crow’s Body’ turned into light and penetrated deep into the inner space of the Sun’s True Fire.
Deep in the ‘Golden Crow Body’, wisps of special red light condensed and formed within the Golden Crow Spirit. It showed an extremely complex flame pattern, like a soaring bird, but its face was blurry, and it was like a scorching sun.
After this sun mark took shape, Zhang Jian felt that the Yin God had truly transformed into the Golden Crow.
/The yin in the body is calcined by the Golden Crow True Fire, exuding a slight sheen of pure sunlight.
“Incineration of yin, pure yang protecting the body!”
Zhang Jian felt this change and his expression lit up.
Only Yuanshen Zhenren’s Yuanshen has pure Yang essence.
This change is the beginning of a qualitative change.
This is very similar to the Yang God recorded in the classics, who is not afraid of any scorching sun and is burned by fire.
The mark of the sun was integrated into the Yin Shen, and Zhang Jian felt that his control over the true fire of the sun was even better.
The Golden Crow True Fire in the body is more inclined to the manic Sun True Fire.
As for converting the Sun Mark into the Golden Crow Mark, Zhang Jian did not find it difficult.
On the periphery of the ‘Sun Star’, Zhang Jian’s body of the Golden Crow transformed from the Yin God was flying. He felt that relying on the power of the sun’s mark alone was not enough for him to temper the Yin God, burn out all the Yin essence, and transform it into a Yang God.
But after condensing the mark of the sun, Zhang Jian felt a sense of danger.
There is a layer of terrifying fire evil inside the sun star that is constantly passing through the mark of the sun and seems to be integrated into the depths of its underworld.
This is calamity.
If you want to live through the fourth calamity of Yin Shen, you will also have disasters in the fifth calamity of Yin Shen.
And if the Yin Shen magic model wants to be promoted and turn into a Yuan Shen magic, disaster will also come.
There will also be a test of the true meaning of attaining the truth, as well as a backlash that can reverse life and death.
But relatively speaking, it’s a lot simpler.
Zhang Jian thought he could give it a try. If he could practice a Yuan Shen Immortal Technique in advance, it would be of great help in overcoming the Yuan Shen Tribulation in the future.
To be cautious, he temporarily suppressed it for half a month. During this time, he was carving the sun mark, becoming proficient in the Gol