Tao fruit are in harmony, it is easy to suppress people like them.

What’s more, Emperor Ziyuan also controls the origin of heavenly law in the fairy world.
Above the void, at this moment, another large piece of nine-colored divine light suddenly appeared and died. However, in the direction of the Qiantian Holy Realm, three streams of light came through the sky, and fell into the void in an instant.
The three magnificent celestial lights circulate, also faintly resonating with the origin of heaven, and they are in line with the magnificence of the three-dimensional divine power of heaven, earth, and water.
But it was Taojun Ziyun, Taojun Longyin, and Taoist Tianhe who arrived.
“Fellow Daoist Qinglian, I’m here to help you!”
Taojun Tianhe shouted loudly.
But he saw above the void, the giant god covered in infinite nine-color divine light. The moment the three Taoist Lords of Creation appeared, his eyes instantly fell on the three Taoist Lords, and at the same time, a nine-color divine light bloomed from his palm. He came out and turned into a giant palm that covered the sky and fiercely grabbed the three Creation Tao Lords.
That magnificent power was accompanied by a terrifying golden light.
This layer of golden light emerged, and everything in the void seemed to be stagnated by layers of golden light. The power of the gods was weakened by several layers in an instant.
The faces of the three Tao Lords changed at this moment. They could not feel each other’s energy, and their Taoist behavior was suppressed below that of the Dao Lords.
/As Taojun Ziyun’s expression changed, a broken sword appeared in his palm.
That is the heaven-opening artifact in the hands of the founder god Qiantian Emperor, the Qiantian Divine Sword.
It is also a top-grade innate spiritual treasure.
It’s just that this treasure is already broken, and the damage is severe.
/But the dissipated sword energy still broke through the layers of innate golden light all over the body in an instant, turning into a magnificent sword energy that rushed straight into the sky and met the giant palm that covered the sky and the sun.
Boom! !
It was like millions of powerful forces bombarded the giant palm, but the giant palm did not break open. Instead, it absorbed the terrifying sword energy and turned into a magnificent giant palm that instantly appeared above the heads of the three Taoist Lords.
This terrifying power immediately made the three Taoist Lords look horrified.
This kind of power is beyond their imagination.
At this moment, a layer of green and white Qi intertwined in the void, forming a magnificent innate Dao map that blocked the heads of the three Dao Lords, blocking the blow for the three Dao Lords, and instantly enveloped the three Dao Lords. Moving in the void, the figure appeared not far in front of Zhang Jian.
The Innate Dao Diagram turned into a stream of light and flew into the depths of Zhang Jian’s palm again, manifesting the true form of the Universe Diagram.
At this time, the three Taoist Lords looked at Zhang Jian not