the dark.

In an instant, he turned his eyes and looked at the corner of one of the streets.
Two figures flashed away in his eyes.
As Zhang Jian thought, his feet appeared like ghosts.
Zhang Yi, who was standing next to him, looked startled and quickly followed him.
Looking at Zhang Jian who was very fast ahead, even one point faster than him, Zhang Yi was a little stunned.
The inspiration revealed all over Zhang Jian was extremely strong.
I don’t know when his cousin’s strength reached this point, and may even surpass him.
This shocked Zhang Yi.
How long has it been?
But Zhang Yi also had a sense of winning in his heart.
Ahead, Zhang Jian felt his own inspiration stirring up, exchanging with the endless power of heaven and earth in the air. His body moved as if it had turned into a wisp of inspiration, and the ordinary technique of lifting one’s energy and jumping was faster than imagined.
He was like a big bird, blocking the two figures in an instant.
These two figures are none other than Ji Ming and Wang Yuanlang.
Looking at the unbridled spiritual energy, Ji Ming’s face was gloomy. He was a little confused. He clearly used the secret seal of the left path to cover his own energy, so how could the other party sense it.
This feeling of facing the unknown made him feel unsure, and he was even more unwilling to continue to struggle.
The cyan jade fan circulated in his hand, and he saw that the scriptures above were covered with faint black light, and five strong Yin Qi bloomed from it.
“Five rampant ghosts and gods, arresting spirits and sending generals!”
“Go, kill this beast quickly!”
But he saw terrifying blue-black figures emerging from the shadows under his feet. In an instant, countless black lights emerged from the sky and rushed toward Zhang Jian.
The wind is raging and the cold is biting!
/In the dark wind, five terrifying ghosts and gods with huge bodies, like giant apes, were seen coming out of the air to catch them.
Zhang Jian felt countless cold air piercing deep into the meridians of his body from all directions, and his limbs were freezing. However, at this moment, the fiery spiritual power in his body violently rioted, and there was even a faint red thunderous fire jumping out of his eyes.
He didn’t feel that the ghost that came to kill was very scary. At this time, he only had one thought in his mind, which was to punch.
Kill these monsters with your fists.
In an instant, the extremely strong Yang Qi exploded all over his body, and he subconsciously gathered the Yang spiritual power in his body.
At the moment when he condensed the extreme Yang spiritual power, the red thunderbolt that had been swimming in the meridians in his body, as if it had heard the order, finally split open an invisible barrier and turned into a wisp of thunderous flames that swept across, striking at the target. The ghosts of the five rampant soldiers who came over were on their bodies.
The red thunder light was like a scorching sun with a punch, shaking the long street. The five rampant soldiers comi