ssed, and such a case can only Use the elimination method.

ssed, and such a case can only Use the elimination method.
/Han Bo stared at the LCD screen and nodded. The police from the criminal police brigade of the branch, sitting in the corner, tacitly removed the photo of the victim’s ex-husband from the list of previous suspects.
Gu Changhao knew the situation of these people on the list very well. He didn’t even need to read the materials. He just introduced them one by one and eliminated them one by one.
Unknowingly, an hour and a half passed. As he introduced the last suspect’s photo, it was removed, and the screen was empty and blue.
“Feng Da, it’s your turn.” Han Bo motioned Gu Changhao to return to his seat and turned to Feng Jinhui.
“Bureau Han, Xiao Gu’s report was very comprehensive. I have nothing to add. This case is indeed difficult. Trying to identify the suspect through the victim’s social relations currently available is obviously not feasible. I think we should change our thinking. Think about other possibilities?”
“Other possibilities, can you be more specific?”
“Is it possible that the victim has offended someone unintentionally, just like having a dispute with Wang Xuedong over trivial matters? Maybe she doesn’t even care about it. , we are even less likely to know.”
“Feng Da, I think this possibility is unlikely.” Qiu Qingguo, who had been silent for more than an hour, raised his head again, frowned and analyzed: “From the case file and Comrade Gu Changhao’s report just now, It can be seen that the task force did a lot of work after the incident, and the social relationship of the victim was not very complicated. After interviewing so many people, the possibility of such a situation is extremely slim.” ”
Comrade Xinqiang.”
/“Report Han I also think it is unlikely. After all, it is rare for someone like Wang Xuedong to have a grudge and want to protect him because of trivial matters. Moreover, Wang Xuedong not only did not kill, nor did he think about it, he even did not dare to kill. He just planned to smash the victim’s car.” Even though it was. Discussing matters matter-of-factly, Ding Xinqiang still looked at Feng Jinhui apologetically.
The Zhuge Liang meeting was held, and after listening to Zi Ming, Han Bo turned around and said, “Caiyan, if I remember correctly, you seem to have been to the scene after the incident. Tell me your opinion.” ”
Report to Bureau Han, I have indeed been to the scene. I also know a lot about the case, but I really don’t have a clue. I just think the murderer’s method of committing the crime is very cruel. He stabbed nearly 20 times, two of which were penetrating wounds. Does it take so many stabs to kill a person?”
“It’s crazy. ?”
“Yes, it feels very crazy.”
“Director Han, we have checked the mental patients in the area and found nothing suspicious, and the victim is unlikely to open the door to a madman.” Zhu Mingdong put down the pen and paper and continued: ” And the on-site investigation only found Wang Xuedong’s fingerprints, footprints and DNA. In other words, the murderer had a ce