e of plywood and locked doors.

The dressing room in the guest area is actually the same as the ordinary dressing room. It is just marked with a brand and there are few people using it. Bai Hui happened to go there and didn’t have to queue.
After entering the dressing room and locking the door, Bai Hui checked carefully and found no suspicious hidden cameras. The door panels were smooth on all sides and there were no cameras installed. Then he started to take off his clothes with confidence.
She is just wearing a T-shirt and a short skirt. When she goes to dance later, the song she chooses is “A Thousand Miles Inviting the Moon” because she is not sure about other dances so that someone in the audience may be watching and ridiculing them. smile.
It was so unbearable. I thought about how she danced so cutely and meowed like a cat for him, but he actually asked her why she didn’t dance like a dog or crow like a chicken. It was so infuriating.
Thinking of this, Bai Hui pressed her chest habitually, but because she was no longer wearing a coat, her fingers touched her skin directly, which made her cheeks turn red. She remembered that when they met just now, Liu Changan seemed to have glanced at her eyes. After taking another look at her breasts, he determined who she was.
As expected, this person would peek at her breasts. Bai Hui and her cousin had both said this.
Bai Hui didn’t mind, and was a little proud. Looking at her breasts in the mirror, she couldn’t help but blush and thought, with such good looks, who knows which bastard will get the advantage in the end?
After Bai Hui left, Wei Xuanyi and Sun Shutong were still a little excited.
Of course Liu Changan is not excited, she is just a fairy. Have they really healed their scars and forgotten the pain, and have they forgotten that they were seriously injured by another fairy?
Fairies are like this. Even though they look cute and well-behaved on the surface, they turn around and become something else. Who knows?
“She is our alumnus.” Liu Changan reminded Wei Xuanyi and Sun Shutong that there was nothing unusual about them. The two people stood there and immediately took the photos they had just taken to talk about them in the post space, and also posted them to various groups and so on.
/“You are a full man and don’t know how hungry a man is. Your girlfriend is so beautiful, so of course you don’t think anything of it.” Wei Xuanyi said with a sigh after sending the photo.
“Compared with Zhu Juntang, do you prefer Bai Fen?” Sun Shutong suddenly asked.
Liu Changan frowned, where to start?
“I took that photo for you just now, and it felt very special. Anyway, it’s like that kind of idol drama, where the male and female protagonists are not together yet, but the audience already feels that some of the scenes of them together will soon progress to a sudden That state of heartbeat.” Sun Shutong thought for a while and said.
/“It seems that you have watched too many idol dramas. If a man has expectations for love, he will either pursue his goal or become a mid