ly made a very slight improvement, but it actually reached a higher level!

In the process of leaping into that realm, Chu Weiyang himself didn’t actually pay much attention to it.
To put it more arrogantly, if you are like Chu Weiyang, who has walked all the way in the realm of foundation building and used the three elements of spirit, energy and spirit to lift the three-volume Dao map, you must be cautious and laborious when passing through this level of pass. After countless hardships, the bottleneck of the elixir realm will be like a natural chasm, which will block 99% of the so-called geniuses in this world.
But in fact, this is not the case.
Figures such as Master Fan of the Shenxiao Sect and Master Pang of the Earth Master lineage have all stopped in this realm.
/With Chu Weiyang’s current profound knowledge, even if he doesn’t have too much mind, as long as the door is opened, the vitality will flow in on its own, pushing Chu Weiyang into that realm.
Even after experiencing the initial burst of sweet rain and the nourishment of flesh and blood by the power of nature, Chu Weiyang even took the initiative to maintain this minimum progress, as if he really wanted to wait for the vitality of heaven and earth to push him forward. Enter that door and use it to capture more of the power of nature for a longer period of time.
It is true that doing this kind of business without capital is the most satisfying thing, but in the process of truly taking an important step, Chu Weiyang is also cautiously confirming his various Tao and Dharma one after another, from “The Corpse” “The Diagram of Unraveling and Refining Shapes” to all kinds of life skills, and then from all kinds of life skills to the three-volume Tao chart of transformation and sublimation.
He is like the uneasy traveler who needs to repeatedly check whether the door is closed before going out, and he wants to conduct a final inspection of all the teachings.
Five Elements Poison, Taiyin Thunder Pond, Thunder Sea Washing the Body, Corpse Refining and Refining
Dao Zhou, Dao Heng, Dao Tong.
At this time, every detail of Chu Weiyang’s own Tao and Dharma was carefully watched with all his attention.
Everything is the result of the perfect achievement that Chu Weiyang can achieve in this realm.
Finally, at a certain moment, Chu Weiyang focused his attention on the twenty-four sword seals.
/If it is said that the Tao and Dharma have not truly reached the perfection of the foundation-building realm, then we need to talk about the way of swordsmanship.
Because in reality, the Twenty-Four Sword Seals can be regarded as the result of the perfection of the foundation-building realm.
But Chu Weiyang took another step forward from the twenty-four righteous sword seals, and penetrated it with the principle of life and death.
Moreover, after going through the turmoil of impermanence, one person pushed all the talented Taoists of the Sword Sect, and the state of mind was refined. The thoughts themselves that were extremely important to the Twenty-Four Sword Inte