and there is no energy at all to get involved in eating and drinking.

On such occasions, little people have to arrive quickly and leave early to attend the banquet. The place is still bustling with people.
Sure enough, everyone had the same idea. Arriving early may not necessarily leave a good impression on the governor, but arriving late will definitely leave a bad impression.
Since the fight for the fiefdom, the alliance of small and medium-sized nobles in the southeastern provinces has collapsed, and the initiative has returned to the hands of Earl Pierce again.
He kept saying hello to people along the way. At this time, the benefits of getting to know each other were fully realized. Hudson could chat with most of the nobles present.
Especially the powerful people working in the Governor’s Mansion. Whenever he met them, Hudson would definitely go over and have a few words with them. Calls like uncle kept coming, and the scene was filled with laughter and laughter.
An acquaintance is also a friendship. If you don’t use it, you won’t use it. The prosperous Koslow family is known for having many relatives. The complicated relationship between them may not be clear to our own people, let alone outsiders.
If the person concerned does not explain, it will fall into the eyes of the outside world, which is an invisible shock. Especially for competitors, it is a kind of pressure.
“Everyone is here. It seems that everyone is giving me face! This is very good. The nobles of my southeastern province want to maintain this kind of unity.
I invite you all to come over today. In addition to reminiscing about old times, what is more important is to discuss the future ownership of Wright and Wyton counties.
First of all, I would like to state here that the legitimacy of the aristocratic inheritance system must be guaranteed. Everything must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the “Continental Succession Act”. Anyone who dares to break the rules is the common enemy of all of us.
I believe that everyone here is a role model for the nobles. There will be no such scum and scum among them, and we will not allow such noble scum to exist. ”
They are all established procedures. The “Continental Succession Law” is a rule jointly maintained by the aristocratic group, with the purpose of safeguarding everyone’s common interests.
Any family will inevitably decline one day, and no one wants their property to fall into the hands of others. This can be regarded as a rare tenderness in the aristocratic world.
/“Your Majesty the Governor is right, the “Continental Succession Law” must be abided by. All direct heirs who meet the provisions of the Succession Law can be given priority to go through the inheritance procedures.
All we need to discuss is terra nullius, and territory where inheritance is disputed. As for the specific disposal plan, I think His Excellency the Earl should have a complete plan. ”
Viscount Oran said meaningfully.
It seemed that he was cooperating with Governor Pierce, but also seemed to be diss