ows something.”

Klein suddenly realized that if he did not blindly believe in the changes of the “Faceless Man”, he would be able to hide them from the eyes of the “Mother Tree of Desire”
According to “Orange Light” Hilarion, he can detect certain qualities in me when in close contact. This is something that the “faceless man’s” extraordinary ability cannot conceal. He has not acted for so long. Is he just there? Trying to give this sense to believers with the help of some kind of ritual or artifact, and recently it was almost successful. Klein frowned slowly, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt it was possible.
This made him want to return to Backlund even more. In that metropolis, even angels have to behave well, just like a certain “Snake of Destiny”, believers of the “Mother Tree of Desire”, and strong men of the Rose School of Thought. , it is no longer possible to act recklessly, we can only patiently look for opportunities
Hu Klein exhaled and went above the gray mist to divine whether his life was in danger recently.
This time, he got the answer: no, it was not life-threatening.
But Klein did not relax because of this. He remembered that the “Mother Tree of Desire”‘s interference with divination could penetrate the gray fog barrier to a certain extent.
A long time ago, his spirituality also prevented him from divining the extraordinary characteristics of the “werewolf” above the gray fog, because this was likely to involve the “Bound God”, and the “Bound God” was suspected to be the incarnation of the “Mother Tree of Desire”.
Either it’s really okay and I’m overthinking it, or the danger is already very close, so the “Mother Tree of Desire” intervenes. It’s better to be careful and prepare first. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm, it’s still better than being caught by the Rose School of Thought. Klein immediately returned to the real world, took out a pen and paper, and quickly wrote a letter with “Dear Mr. Azik” on his head.
Considering that the underworld is within the spiritual world, in a sense, the demigods of the “God of Death” path can be regarded as high-ranking spiritual world creatures. After Mr. Azik regains his memory, he will probably be able to see that he possesses that kind of quality. Ryan didn’t hide much and directly wrote down the entire process of meeting and talking with Hilarion, the “orange light” who transformed into the great scientist Hermosuin. He just didn’t write about the gray fog or the great existence in the spiritual world. That part.
/Finally, he mentioned:
“Does Mr. Hilarion’s reminder mean that I will encounter fatal danger from the Rose School of Thought in the near future?”
After folding the paper and blowing the copper whistle to summon the courier to pick up the package, Klein felt that this was not safe enough, so he quickly took out the Adventurer harmonica and played it.
Silently, Renette Tinichole appeared in front of him, her four heads with blond hair and red eyes each turned in a circle and said:
“No” “letter”
“I have s