et on the ground and swung out the fourth-grade long shield in his left hand. The angle was very clever. It was the angle that would exert the least force when receiving an impact, and at the same time, it could deflect the impact to the side.

The ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ crashed over, and its two huge forelimbs hit the fourth-level long shield. The fourth-level attack was blocked by the fourth-level defense block, and did not have much effect.
However, Baron Du Bois had already expected this. He took three steps back and neutralized the terrifying impact of the ‘Fang Poison Ant’.
But the ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ was deflected by a force, and the figures of both sides passed each other, making a harsh friction sound.
/The ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ rushed twenty meters before stopping. It turned back and made an attack posture again, preparing for the next attack.
Baron Du Bois was a little strange. He felt that the attack power of the ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ was not as strong as expected.
He was very sure of this. For so many years in Battle Star, he had fought many battles with the fourth-level Zerg. Although most of the battles were to block the fourth-level Zerg and there were few opportunities to kill them, he was extremely familiar with the fourth-level Zerg.
The ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ in front of him must have declined in strength for some reason. Thinking of this made Baron Dubois’s eyes full of fighting intent.
Over the years, Baron Dubois has never had the chance to kill a level four Zerg alone, because his own strength is equivalent to that of a level four Zerg. With the huge body of a level four Zerg, he can use the weapons in his hands to inflict damage on it. Even if it does no damage, it is difficult to produce fatal effects.
Only in some joint operations can there be a chance to kill the fourth-level Zerg.
If he can kill a level four Zerg alone, then Baron Dubois can add a star under his noble badge. This represents his honor, an honor that makes the family proud.
Level four Zerg whose strength has declined like this will not appear in normal times. They will only cultivate in the Zerg-occupied area and will not act at will until their strength is restored.
The opportunity before him was too rare, and Baron Du Bois was not prepared to let it go.
The thought in his mind lasted only a moment. Baron Du Bois made up his mind and immediately began to take the initiative to attack.
/The strongest point of the ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ is its extremely poisonous nature. When the extremely poisonous ant fails to work, its combat power will be reduced a lot.
In addition to the poison, it is the close combat ability produced by the combination of the physique, strength and speed of the fourth-level Zerg. This kind of combat ability is not weak.
When Baron Dubois rushed up, one of the forelimbs of the ‘Fang Poison Ant’ swept over, and the lavender light on the forelimbs produced a flickering effect due to its speed.
Baron Dubois used a fourth-level long shield to block outwards. With the momentum of blo