s real face. However, this is also a good thing. It can not only investigate the truth of the Great Smog Tragedy, but also find out what Inz Zangwill is doing, and lay the foundation for the future. While preparing for revenge, he could also look for the potion formula and main materials of the “Cunning Mage”. While Klein sighed silently, a gem on the top of the “Poseidon Scepter” emitted pure cyan light.

With a whine, the “One-Eyed Skull”‘s flight changed. It plummeted down like a stone, unable to even glide.
/Suddenly, it became very light, and the movement of falling on the sea was like a feather brushing the human face.
At this time, Klein, whose spiritual energy had been greatly exhausted, was about to muster up his remaining strength to create another tsunami, when he suddenly heard a loud explosion-like sound coming from the screen.
That’s a terrible sonic boom
And it was different from a normal sonic boom, as it seemed to be mixed with the whimpering sound of the wind realm.
This comes from “Aquatic King” Yan Cotman. Although he is still a long way from here, he can control this sea area and can exert influence from a distance on the way here.
This is Sequence 3, a saint close to the rank of an angel
The terrifying sonic boom blew the “One-Eyed Skull” away without even asking if it was a victim. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with attacking pirates.
At the same time, Klein felt a terrifyingly powerful spirit “scanning” the surroundings, looking for every possible abnormality, so that the scene in front of him was affected and became blurry.
Resisting the urge to strike again, Klein calmly and rationally ended his response, closed the corresponding prayer screen, and then casually threw the “Poseidon Scepter” into the debris pile.
“The difference is more than just a little. If Neptune does not appear, I am not completely sure that I can force out the demigod. I am still at a low level. It is always difficult to apply the scepter and the burden is heavy. However, on the sea, the storm The path is really strong, it’s like a moving natural disaster.
“The ability shown by the demigod just now has elements such as distortion, confusion, borrowing, and violation of conventions. It is very similar to the Black Emperor’s path. Others may not feel this way, but I have the corresponding card of blasphemy. This is definitely not the case. There is only a Fallen Earl and Chaos Tutor of Sequence 5. Well, the military has part of the potion formula of the Black Emperor Path, but it seems to be limited to the first five sequences, not Sequence 4 and above.”
Although Klein failed to force out the demigod or the sealed object of the corresponding level, he also grasped certain clues from the other party’s performance and suspected that a certain faction of the royal family was cooperating with the Witch Sect and Ins Zangwill. , and also secretly contacted a certain force that controlled most of the sequences of the “Black Emperor” path.
/Whether Solomon or Nast, the descendant of Trunsoest and the “King of the Fiv