hat’s the price?”

Klein nodded approvingly:
“The end is coming, many changes are beginning to happen, and Mr. Fool has foreseen some things.
“At that time, He is very likely to fall asleep again, and as His favored one, His left hand, I will not be immune. The price you need to pay is that when such a situation really occurs, follow the legacy of Mr. Fool The oracle, make some attempts that may be dangerous or easy, complex or simple, long or short, in order to awaken Mr. Fool.”
As a “divineer” at the level of the King of Angels and the master of “Origin Castle”, Klein has been able to make predictions to a certain extent a long time ago. Recently, he has seen some vague pictures and has certain predictions. inspiration, so I started making various arrangements with not too clear ideas but absolutely consciously.
Now I am the real “magic stick”… He complained to himself in his heart.
Before “Judgment” Xio could speak, he added:
“You can choose to say no, you are not the only choice.”
/Xio believed that Mr. “World” would not be contradictory on such a matter, so he did not answer immediately and seriously considered the matter.
If there was no doomsday, she felt that she would refuse. Although demigods are powerful and terrifying, capable of dominating a battlefield and controlling the fate of others, and are truly divine creatures, for her, becoming a Sequence 4 is not that urgent.
/As a Sequence 5 “Punicipal Knight” and a colonel of MI9, her strength can ensure that she completes most tasks. Her salary plus various additional incomes are enough to allow her and her family to maintain a good and decent life.
Even if she encounters danger, she can get enough assistance from official forces, and she can also prepare “Lemano’s Travel Notes” in advance and ask her friend Forsi to protect her secretly.
In addition, her wish to investigate the cause of her father’s death and restore his reputation has been fulfilled.
Therefore, no matter from which aspect, she does not need to pay a high price for Sequence 4. Besides, it is not impossible to get opportunities from MI9 in the future.
Of course, Xio has no way of knowing how long this future will take.
Whether it was the information from Mr. Fool or the various prophecies I deliberately collected using my position, they all pointed out clearly or vaguely that the end was coming… There were only sixteen years left… Xio subconsciously turned sideways and glanced at the two building.
Under the current living conditions, my mother will definitely be able to live until sixteen years from now. At that time, she will not be too old. Moreover, Mr. Moon will provide various medicines to keep her healthy… Sixteen years from now, Luo is in his prime, at the peak of his career… Forsi may already have Sequence 3. In order to cope with the apocalypse and seek hope, he is busy running around, but I can’t help… Xio slowly withdrew his gaze, his expression solemn. The ground was silent for a while.
Then, she looked at “The World” Gehrman Sparrow and solemnly nodded