“The flowers bloom in spring, the wind in autumn, and the setting sun in winter. In my melancholy youth, I once thought so ignorantly.”
Luo Qiong, who was standing beside him, blushed slightly and asked with a smile: “Brother Cui, what are you singing like?” What is it? It sounds very nice, just like the folk songs from our hometown.”
“This is Luo Dayou’s song, called The Story of Time. I had a tape to play back to you. The story of “Flowing Water Takes Time Away.” I fell in love with a person, just in that sentimental and waiting youth for the first time.”
The fat man said and started singing again.
In fact, he didn’t sing well, he just yelled at the top of his voice, but for some reason, he always smiled inexplicably when he recalled these clips.
Those days when brothers walked on the empty road under the lonely light; those carefree times when they were drunk and holding hands; those days when we didn’t know what the future would be like, so long as we had wine now and were drunk in the future.
All these become the deepest and sweetest happiness in a person’s heart.
More priceless than any treasure, because youth is priceless, time is priceless, and memories are priceless.
The three of us kept walking along the road.
Youth is so carefree, I turned my head and saw Fatty and Luo Qiong smiling silly.
“Brother Shan, why don’t you sing two songs too! Haha”
Luo Qiong shouted with a laugh while holding up the wine bottle.
“If I can’t sing, I’ll just fucking sing the national anthem.”
I smiled and waved my hand.
/Looking up at the stars, I could still see the bright stars that year, but they have long since disappeared. It’s not that the stars are gone, it’s that people don’t want to see them anymore. When
I returned to Fatty’s house, I lay on the bed, closed the door, opened the window, lit three cigarettes on the windowsill, and said softly: “Brick, I hope you will be reincarnated as soon as possible. Follow me again after eight years. I will take care of your old mother.”
He reached out his hand and gently covered his face. After all, tears still flowed down his fingers.
Mr. Tang had promised to cooperate with us before. Unexpectedly, the task was already sent to me on the day I entered.
Fatty moved my salute back from Mr. Xu’s place. The base of the three of us is still at Fatty’s house.
Sitting in the room, the fat man took out a brown envelope and put it in front of him, and whispered: “This was sent by Mr. Tang a few days ago.”
He opened it and looked at it. There was a knife of documents inside and a few more. photo.
I took it over and took a look, and the first piece of paper I saw was written on it: Earth Beast Death Report.
I held it in my hand and looked at it carefully. There was a series of names of earth beasts listed on it, some of which I recognized, some of which I didn’t, and the time of death. And the death process which is not too detailed.
“What is this?”
I asked strangely.
The fat man lit a cigarette and said: “I have read this information