was not found. Not to mention, a dozen of them were lost in the jungle.

was not found. Not to mention, a dozen of them were lost in the jungle.
“Then dig three feet into the ground!” Saruman, who had just recovered from the burn, was very murderous.
Although the Four Seasons Canyon has gotten rid of the influence of the ancient trees, and the various monsters are no longer as ferocious as before, it is still a tough battle for the joint exploration team.
A team of hundreds of people, in the Saas Under the command, they began to slowly advance into the depths of the Four Seasons Canyon. In one day, more than a dozen battles took place. The largest battle occurred next to the only river in the Four Seasons Canyon. The joint exploration team advanced there. At that time, we encountered a group of hundreds of thunder elephants.
This battle even alarmed Suas, the titled mage known as the Fire Demon. In this battle, he showed everyone his terrifying magical power. After a full hour of fighting, Suas Si was always floating in the sky, and a large number of fire spells almost made the entire river boil. When the battlefield was finally cleaned, everyone was shocked to find that at least half of the thunder elephants died directly in Suas’s flames. Next.
On the contrary, Lin Yun did not take action.
Lin Yun stayed in his tent and concentrated on digesting the previous harvest.
Successfully cracking a true spirit level alchemy circle is a rare opportunity for any master. The harvest is really too great. Lin Yun spent all his time digesting these harvests for several days. After coming down, Lin Yun’s magic circle alchemy level improved by leaps and bounds. Compared with when he first entered the Four Seasons Canyon, it was simply a whole level better.
As for the battle outside, Lin Yun is not too worried, because Lin Yun has already seen the most powerful beast tide in Four Seasons Canyon, and the power that caused this beast tide has been cracked by Lin Yun. Although the battle outside is now Intense, but not enough to put the joint exploration team in danger.
Coupled with the addition of Suas, he is a genuine titled magician, which greatly strengthens the strength of the joint exploration team. It can be said that as long as Suas is willing to try his best, the joint exploration team can easily crush the entire Four Seasons Canyon.
It was precisely because of this that Lin Yun stayed in the tent with peace of mind and concentrated on digesting the previous harvest.
/However, Lin Yun sent Xiuban out.
Xiuban had just given birth to the first dragon blood demon mark, which was when his power began to awaken. For Xiuban now, what he needed most was a lot of fierce fighting.
The second day, the third day, the fourth day.
The calendar turned over page by page. Before I knew it, the joint exploration team entered the Four Seasons Canyon. A week had passed.
During this week, not only Lin Yun’s method… The level of formation alchemy has improved by leaps and bounds, and Xiuban’s strength is getting stronger day by day. Last night, after following the joint exploration team