han, there is an empty space.

han, there is an empty space.
At this time, most of the real people in the entire Suoshan lineage were gathered.
All real people who can arrive in time are present, without exception.
Gong Yu and Bai Hezi were sitting on simple seats. In front of them, a two-meter-high solid arena had been set up.
There are groups of small real beasts like moles around the ring, helping to carry stones and build the ring.
These mole-like real beasts are new employees developed by Xuanmiao Sect in recent years.
A new genius has developed a special language that can communicate with this mole beast.
Therefore, under the condition of paid transactions, Xuanmiao Sect can invite these real mole beasts to help build various buildings through the transfer of this genius.
/If it’s a too complex building, maybe these real beasts won’t be able to do it.
But if it was something as simple as the arena, it would be easier.
Soon the arena was set up and a large number of Mole Engineering teams evacuated.
All the real people in Suoshan’s lineage are basically present.
Wei He was also standing among them.
However, because he has the highest treatment in the sect, he can eat the flesh and blood of various high-level exotic animals without restriction.
Therefore, he does not need to participate in this internal evaluation.
Just because his previous deeds of repelling assassins were exposed.
It also made many real people think that he was assigned as the weakest killer because of his good luck and low level.
Then the killer was accidentally attacked and injured by Wei He because of his carelessness.
Everyone was praising Wei He for his good luck.
But only a few real people at the top know that Wei He’s true strength is not weak.
So in this internal competition, Wei He was not going to give in.
Because this time he went to exterminate sea beasts, the team leader had great power, which was likely to affect his future arrangements and development.
So he planned to fight, of course, in his normal form, without using any trump cards or secret skills.
/Wei He himself also wanted to see how strong he could be in his normal state.
Xuanmiao Sect’s Taoism is natural, and most of the real people are usually very casual. At this time, the Suoshan group, at Gong Yu’s request, began an internal competition to determine the leader of Suoshan first.
The fighting methods are also inherited from the same origin, inheriting the tradition of Xuanmiao Sect’s Taoism and Nature.
“On stage, as long as you can win, no matter what means you use, you are allowed! However, the off-board moves cannot be used only once.
You must be able to use them now. When you are outside, you can also use them against Haining League and other Sanren. Just use it.”
Gong Yu said sternly.
She just scanned the real people present.
Most of these people have expressionless faces and lack of interest. Obviously there is no interest in competing to see who is the most powerful.
“In addition, the Patriarch has already obtained permission in adva