you are a cancer, a villain, and a damn bastard.”

you are a cancer, a villain, and a damn bastard.”
” Then do you want to be a hero who punishes rape and eliminates evil?” The sneer on Yot’s face gradually disappeared, and his whole face was cold and murderous.
“I, Ba Xiaoshan, have never wanted to be a hero. I am a bastard. But bastards also have the principles of a bastard.” As
soon as I finished speaking, I had already taken action. The Seven Kills Ghost Sword tore open the space in front of him. The flaming blade hit the ground heavily, and a burning sword energy struck Yote straight away.
Yot didn’t dodge either. He slowly stretched out his hand, and the holy blue light turned into a barrier in front of him. The sword energy of the Seven Kills Ghost Sword immediately shattered Yote’s barrier, and then cut Yote’s shoulder. In just a few seconds, a deep visible bone was left on Yote’s shoulder. Wound.
/The strong wind caused by the sword energy blew Yot’s hair, and blood spattered on his surprised face.
“Are you surprised?” I picked up the Seven Kills Ghost Sword and said, “Actually, there is no need to be so surprised. This is just the beginning. Although I am not a hero, I still have the strength to crush you.”
Yot put his hand on his injured shoulder, and the holy blue light still lit up. Soon the wound on Yot’s shoulder began to heal quickly. When he put his hand down, the wound on his shoulder had already healed. , said: “You could have stood with me. I wanted you to share my burden. I thought you would understand me. Because we are both immortal, but it seems that you have not broken away from the boundaries of mortals. Judgment The day is coming, and even if you have great strength, you will not be able to survive. When the gate of hell opens, you will be dragged into endless pain by the demons.”
I walked towards him step by step with the Seven Killing Ghost Sword . , and said as he walked: “Stop talking about those docile things, just say that I will go to hell. But before I go to hell, I am very curious, will a guy like you also go to hell with me? “What I’m more curious about is, are you really immortal after being given the power of an angel?”
“I am immortal” Yot hadn’t finished speaking. I slashed out another sword energy. This time the sword was even more powerful, tearing half of Yot’s body on the spot. The wound was long and deep and looked shocking.
“Stop fucking, eternal life? What the hell?” Even as I was scolding, the wounds on Yot’s body healed quickly, and there weren’t even any traces on his healed body.
“Did you see it? I am immortal. No matter how many times you kill me, I will never die. The mission given to me by God is destined to not die until the day of judgment. And the judgment The arrival of that day also represents my return to heaven and officially becoming an immortal angel.”
Although this guy kept saying the essence of a magic stick, I saw some clues after taking action twice and said, “Why don’t you. Fight back?”
/Logically speaking, this guy was given the power of an angel by God and was saved. It shoul