Sun Hao saw that Zhang Weiping could no longer control his emotions and wiped the corners of his eyes;
he also saw Yi Jianlian and Su Qun hugging each other and being extremely excited;
and Lasso, who couldn’t hide the pride on his face.
This moment was too important not only for Sun Hao, but also for the people around him.
Of course, what they didn’t know was that because of Su Qun’s article “He Beat Nash”, news that Sun Hao was going to participate in the draft had spread throughout the country.
At this moment, there are many fans waiting in front of CCTV.
Although the clarity of the broadcast was not very high and the picture quality was not very good, at this moment, they all cheered in unison.
The Chinese are finally coming to the NBA!
Sun Hao walked off the stage after taking a group photo.
Just as Zhang Weiping told him before, there was already a beautiful reporter from ESPN waiting for him there.
“Congratulations, Sun, I’m sorry, do you speak English?”
the female reporter asked.
Sun Hao nodded.
The female reporter was not only polite but also considerate. She spoke very slowly for fear that Sun Hao would not understand.
After all, NBA staff are not the fans who are making noises. They all know what Sun Hao can bring to the NBA.
“I’m very excited. I want to thank my parents, my agent Paul, my coach at Real Madrid, and the Real Madrid team that trained me.”
Sun Hao speaks English fluently and has a strong American accent . The accent surprised the female reporter.
/To know that overseas players can speak English so smoothly, this is really the first time she has encountered them.
She was also doing interviews during Kobe’s draft, and her Italian-flavored English almost confused her.
“What’s your impression of the Bulls?”
The female reporter knew that Sun Hao had a high level of English, so she asked freely.
“Who doesn’t know the Bulls? Michael Jordan, two three-peats, the greatest team in the NBA, the greatest basketball city in Chicago, the best owner and the best general manager in history, that’s an unparalleled team. team.”
Sun Hao turned on the bragging mode.
This was also the draft he had made in his mind after Zhang Weiping reminded him before.
No matter who is selected, you have to brag. If you don’t brag, how can you increase your favorability? How can you get more opportunities if you don’t increase your favorability?
In this regard, Sun Hao is quite liberal.
“Then what do you know about the current Bulls?”
The beautiful reporter looked at her, but the next question was a bit poisonous.
To be honest, Sun Hao has no idea how special the Bulls will be after Jordan retires.
Don’t talk about him, everyone knows Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman of the Bulls, but who knows who will be on the Bulls after this wave of people leave?
Especially for an overseas player like him.
I’m afraid not many people know about it!
But who calls Sun Hao the current European Emperor?
When I left the trial training in Chicago, it was the last tear of the Bulls