ssistant. If you don’t have the ability, don’t even think about arranging all aspects of things.

ssistant. If you don’t have the ability, don’t even think about arranging all aspects of things.
Anya and Han Xuan’s mother could hear what the two were talking about, and they were definitely unhappy. However, in the upper class society, there were too many such things, and they were used to it. It was just daily communication, talking about where to go to play in the afternoon. Pretend not to hear.
A love interest is a love interest, and there is nothing to talk about between you and me. Orlando’s character is actually quite good. He greets Father Han and others and always makes them laugh with his funny words.
Although he seems to be fat and cute, if you really treat him as a fool, you will definitely suffer in the end. A child from a big family may have a kind personality, but he will never be naive. When he was not yet an adult, he dared to take a helicopter to the snow-capped mountains alone. At the ranch, I met Father Han, whom I had never met before, to discuss business. He has a very good business acumen.
Out of politeness, his father invited Orlando to eat with him. Han Xuan found that he actually sat down and made the chair creak. He couldn’t help but guess in his mind what this guy was going to do.
/It’s definitely not Orlando’s usual style to leave KFC without food and beautiful girls to accompany him, but come to him.
Orlando quietly extended the topic to Han Qianshan’s ranches in Australia and asked, “Sir, congratulations on your purchase of the Kidman Ranch. Such a large place is really attractive. It is larger than some small countries, like Like a king, even if many places cannot raise cattle and sheep, the price is still very cost-effective. Especially after your transformation, it is said that there are 230,000 cattle and more than 90,000 sheep raised this year? Have they found a market for them? , it’s hard to sell so many cattle and sheep, right? If no one has made a reservation yet, I think I can help you solve part of it. It will definitely be calculated at the most reasonable price, and the deposit can be paid recently. According to my father’s idea , the purchase price will be slightly higher than that of beef and mutton from other places. I have cooperated with Snow Mountain Ranch for many years, and you can trust my father’s credibility.”
Over the years, the demand for beef and mutton in the international market has been increasing day by day, especially with Snow Mountain Ranch. Due to the impact of this gold-lettered signboard, cattle and sheep have no worries about selling, but there are too many, and it is indeed a bit troublesome to solve the sales problem. Moreover, they do not have Act in their bodies, and the price is basically the same as the Australian market price.
/In the past, Tyson Foods had no intention of eating the cattle and sheep produced by Kidman Ranch. Han Qianshan felt that he could talk about it and asked with interest: “How much is your father’s company planning to buy? It has recently invested about 200 million to improve Due to the wat