countries on the earth have been invaded by Asia. Atlantis was controlled through various means.

countries on the earth have been invaded by Asia. Atlantis was controlled through various means.
The Japanese Maru and South Africa were most severely attacked by the “other world”; North Korea was sold out by the dictatorship as the price of a long life, and several other poorest countries in the world. It has even become the puppet of the Atlanteans.
/It is said that after the emergence of the ‘different world’, the strength of the few major powers on the earth has not only not weakened but has continued to increase, they have long been aware of this situation, but they have They kept silent for the sake of their country’s interests.
/In short, false and true information emerged one after another during that period, causing great riots around the world. The situation even got out of control and almost triggered a war.
Fortunately, at the critical moment, those Asians who anonymously released intelligence The identity of the Atlantis people was revealed, and they were severely sanctioned by the Atlantean officials. The source of unrest was eliminated. The situation gradually stabilized.
As for now, I don’t know the situation in other countries, but in the United States, the White House seems We have reached some kind of agreement with ‘Atlantis’, and all the ‘different worlds’ within the territory, except ‘Noah’, are entrusted to them. The federal freedom only retains the power to observe and assist in dividing the interests.
Of course, these are just mine. Guess, I just said it. Only God knows the real inside story.”
“Oh,” Zhang Lisheng was silent for a while, frowned and said in distress: “It seems that the situation is better than I imagined, but the situation is more complicated.
Major, based on what you just said, the order of the countries on the earth is not chaotic. But The “Earth Alliance” that was originally taking shape has been fragmented. Some countries are controlled by alien agents; some countries have become frogs that jump into a pot of warm water to eat bugs, thinking they are smart but… Waiting to be eaten, right?”
“Doctor, a frog that falls into a pot of warm water is not necessarily a powerful country on earth,” Leo said with a weird smile: “There are now a thousand gateways to different ‘different worlds’ around the world. Although Atlantis is powerful, there are only nine aerobic planets in the entire territory…” ”
Isn’t it thirty-two?”
“That’s what the Atlanteans call themselves. According to ‘Winter Riots’ ‘Leaked information shows that the Atlantis civilization has only fully mastered nine aerobic planets suitable for human habitation, and the remaining twenty-three are their colonial stars. The native civilizations on them have not been extinct and can move freely. It happens from time to time.”
“So that’s it. I understand what you mean. Major Leo, do you think those red-haired aliens might be able to ‘hold themselves to death’? Those ‘other worlds’ may be the ones that allow civilization to grow. The best nutrients may also be the poison that destroys civilizati