However, the bad news for Bulls fans is that Chandler injured his sprained foot in the fierce game and is doubtful for the next game.
Before the start of the playoffs, there were already players missing due to injuries, and there were also players injured in the first round, but they were all just role players.
In the conference semifinals, the confrontation escalates, and core players are inevitable.
But maybe that’s the thing about this “special” season.
It would be incredible if no players were injured in an ultra-high-intensity game.
This season is destined to be different.
After the game in the East ended, the game between the Nuggets and Mavericks in the West started immediately.
The Nuggets defeated the Mavericks 103-93.
Although Iverson failed to perform as well as he did in the first round, the Mavericks did not have Kirilenko or Artest, and they were a bit unable to hold down James.
James scored a near-triple-double with 33 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists.
As for the Mavericks, Nowitzki scored 29 points and seemed a bit helpless.
They can only look forward to Josh Howard’s hot return.
The first game of the four-group conference semifinals has been played, and Barkley on TNT can’t help but feel itchy.
He predicted the results of a series of divisional battles, which can be called a “death-to-death series without saying anything surprising”.
In the Western Conference, he thinks the Lakers, Nuggets and the Nuggets will meet in the finals.
As for the Eastern Conference, he believes that the Bulls and Wizards will reach the Eastern Conference Finals!
The Celtics’ Big Three are looked down upon!
But this time I don’t blame Barkley. It’s really the performance of the Big Three since they entered the playoffs that is so disappointing!
Barkley started the conversation, and the conference semifinals continued.
The Wizards continued to defeat the Magic 103-91 at home.
Then there is the Los Angeles Derby that fans are looking forward to.
After eight consecutive fierce games, the Clippers’ physical fitness was clearly unable to keep up.
Where did the 8 games come from?
One goes off the other, and the result is that the Clippers are at a disadvantage in the starting stage.
As a result, after three quarters, the Lakers expanded their lead to 20+.
Both parties also clocked out of get off work early.
But when the camera was shown to them, they quickly put away their smiles.
With such a big score, it is twice as difficult to come back from the Lakers.
This is the thought of many Clippers fans, including many Clippers players.
/One goal can have a much greater impact on a series than expected.
Dunleavy Sr. and his coaching staff also changed their tune after the crushing defeat.
/Defeating the Lakers is not as easy as imagined.
The Clippers’ disastrous defeat somewhat “disappointed” the fans.
They were waiting to see a good show like before.
But the game that followed made them know one thing.
The NBA never lacks surprises, it’s just sooner or l