selfless maternal love and the weak divine power of the Kitchen God.

selfless maternal love and the weak divine power of the Kitchen God.
Rating: Exclusive Silver Equipment.
Conditions: Only available to Yin Kuang himself.
Effect: 1. Hidden attribute luck +3. 2. A weak deterrent to spiritual bodies.
“Hey! What’s wrong with you?” Li Shuangmu on the side asked when he saw Yin Kuang’s poor condition.
Yin Kuang shook his head, not wanting to say much, and said: “It’s okay.”
Li Shuangmu looked at him, nodded, and then sighed: “It seems that we have really come to a very, very magical place.” ”
Haha ! Who said it wasn’t?” Wei Ming suddenly came over and lowered his voice, but he was still very excited, “I actually have a lifespan of 105 years! It turns out that I can live for such a long time. Also, I have the greatest strength attribute. It’s 8 o’clock. What about you?”
Yin Kuang smiled and said, “It’s okay.” Yin Kuang felt that Wei Ming’s “intelligence” attribute must not be high, otherwise he would never ask such an idiotic question. Who wants to reveal their own attributes in secret?
Li Shuangmu laughed and said: “So you are still a longevity star. I can’t compare with you, but you still have a lifespan of 94 years, which is not bad. There are no other specialties. However, you have a special skill of ‘Pure Heart and Quiet Mind’, which is 20% Chance to be immune to damage from mental abilities, I think it should be good.”
“Special skills? I have them too.” Wang Ning turned around and said: “It’s a skill called ‘Low-key King’, the effect is a 30% chance of evading perception. Of course, perception The user’s perception cannot exceed mine by 5 points. I really don’t know how I got this skill, why don’t I think I’m low-key?” After
hearing this, Yin Kuang suddenly felt something in his heart, “If he hadn’t spoken, I wouldn’t have really been able to I consciously ignore his existence. Such a powerful skill. If he really wants to harm me, I may not even have a chance to react.”
Li Shuangmu also commented: “This skill is good and very practical. As expected, being low-key is the way to go. Kingly way.”
“Hehe.” Wang Ning smiled proudly, “Hey, big man, where’s yours? What’s your special skill?”
“My mine,” Wei Ming squeaked.
/“I’m really unhappy. I don’t want to say that I’m going to pull him down.” Wang Ning said.
/“It’s not just, don’t laugh when I say it.”
“What’s so funny. Although I don’t know what these special skills are used for, they seem to be very important. I feel like we have come to a world similar to online games. There are attributes, skills, equipment, etc. Maybe the mission will come later. I think it’s better to be well prepared.” Wang Ning said seriously: “What the Flame Queen said, instead of asking unimportant questions , it is better to listen more, think more and do more. No matter what you do, you always have to rely on yourself and your trustworthy friends.”
“You mean, we will join forces?” Li Shuangmu said with a smile.
“Yes. That’s it. Unity is powerful.” Wang Ning pushed up his glasses and said: “So, if possible, it is always b