ut there are too many things involved in retirement. Would you like to think about it again?” “

ut there are too many things involved in retirement. Would you like to think about it again?” ”
I’ve already decided.”
Sun Hao looked at Fu Paul with a confused expression. Great.
“Rich and I will contact the sponsor first. The team management and the league may have to communicate with you yourself.”
Gu Yi responded quickly, and his mind was spinning quickly, and he had already made arrangements.
Seeing that Sun Hao had made up his mind, Fu Paulo also nodded.
“Don’t say the reason why I retired, just say I’m tired.”
Sun Hao warned before the two went to work.
After the two left, he called his parents back.
Then, he made a phone call to confirm that Bass was at home, and then drove over.
“You want to retire?”
Bass Jr. didn’t know Sun Hao’s purpose for finding him at first. When he found out, he was no less shocked than Paul Rich.
“I don’t understand that our chances are that good right now.”
“I’m tired, just like Michael used to do, I need to rest for a while.”
/Sun Hao didn’t say the real reason at first.
And the reason why he was so anxious to talk to Bass was because of the timing.
The free market signings have not yet been fully launched, and players like Carter, Gerald Wallace, and Lewis have not made any moves yet.
With him retiring, the Lakers still have room to stop their losses in time.
If he really plays for a month and retires like Jordan did in history, then the Lakers’ next season will end early.
“Did something happen to you?”
“It’s nothing. I’m really just a little tired.”
“No, you must have encountered something. Is there anything I can do to help?”
Although Bass is young, , but because I followed Jerry West doing things very early on, I still have some insight.
Sun Hao shook his head.
“Sun, you know I know you. No difficulty on the court will make you shrink. I still remember that you dislocated your shoulder in the finals last year and you took two days to rest. And this year you were injured and took a few minutes to rest.” Return of the King.
You must not be tired. You must tell me, otherwise I will not agree to your retirement. You also know what your retirement means to this team and this city.”
Buss is not like Rich Paul So easily persuaded.
And he was telling the truth. No one would believe him because he was tired.
/At the beginning, Jordan also said, “I have nothing to prove anymore.”
This sentence sounded very reasonable and in line with Jordan’s temperament, but in the end, under pressure from the media, Jordan still told the real reason: his father was killed.
Moreover, Jordan was in a different era than Sun Hao at that time, and the security at that time was far less good than this era.
Or in other words, the death of Jordan’s father has a lot to do with his personal life being magnified.
So it can be said that it was a state of physical and mental exhaustion that finally made him make the decision to retire.
And Bass also has to consider the team.
Sun Hao’s current influence is only much greater than that of Jordan.
Sun H