the other hand, considering my instructions, he has to restrain himself. Klein He chuckled thoughtfully.

Sharon, who was wearing a complicated and exquisite dress, stood there in silence for a while, then lightly opened her lips and said:
“At first, I didn’t want to be bullied. Now I have the ability to protect myself and my companions, as well as revenge, and spread the concept of moderation. If everyone can control their desires, there will be no war, no killing, no There’s lots and lots of suffering.”
Klein was slightly surprised when he heard this, because in his impression, Miss Sharon rarely spoke like this.
This was something she thought over and over in her mind, a view that she had suppressed for a long time and had not expressed. Klein’s mind suddenly reflected on the chaotic reality of the Southern Continent full of disputes.
There are a large number of enslaved indigenous people there, there are people at the bottom who are dying in batches due to hunger and disease, there are constant wars and human sacrifices.
If I were born in the Southern Continent and could live to this day, I would definitely hope for world peace and people’s happiness. Speaking of which, Miss Sharon and Maric’s looks are not typical of the Southern Continent. Well, I heard that the ancient Highland Kingdom, Some of the upper echelons of the Parth Kingdom are actually from the Northern Continent. This is true. Before the death of the God of Death, navigation between the Northern and Southern Continents was possible. Also, when Sharon mentioned revenge just now, the word she used was very weightless, and it seemed that it no longer held any weight. Clinging to hope, or not having such a strong desire, Klein sighed silently, listening to Sharon raise details one after another and answer questions one after another.
After clarifying the situation related to the mummy of Tutankhas II, Sharon asked again:
/“Apart from McHams, who are the high-sequence experts who will appear in this trap?”
On the surface of the dressing mirror, water waves floated for a while, and finally solidified into brilliant light, covering all the light, and nothing else could be seen.
With Arrods’ ability, it should involve angels or “0” level sealed objects, so he couldn’t give an accurate answer. Klein looked away and smiled at Miss Sharon and Maric:
“It seems to be pretty much what I expected. The Loen military has left a lot of margin.”
Sharon nodded slightly, still looking at the dressing mirror, waiting for the hidden existence to give his question.
The bloody words squirmed, no longer intermittent as before, and appeared in one breath:
“What do you think of your teacher?”
The teacher, Miss Sharon, and the teachers, too. As temperance sects, if they could remain unaffected and stick to the path within the Rose School of Thought, which had long since deteriorated, there must be someone providing shelter. This was one of the reasons why she and Maric were able to escape. Ryan was looking forward to Sharon’s answer.
Sharon pursed her lips and