Ghost” Senior where he was, and quickly walked away along the road paved by the pea vines.

After more than 50 meters, he suddenly heard a distant, quiet, sad and dark melody.
Subconsciously, Klein looked up and saw Bernadette sitting with her back slightly bent behind the pea vines. Her chestnut hair moved slightly, her head lowered, and she brought the “human skull” to her mouth. , allowing the airflow to blow out from each hole, interweaving into the movement of the night.
The movement had a calming power and a touch of sadness, which spread little by little, but did not alert the soldiers guarding the bridge outside the Pea Vine Forest.
Klein stood there and listened carefully, his heart suddenly filled with longing for home.
It is the home that a traveler who has been wandering for a long time longs for most and is least able to reach.
In the dark night, in the green vine forest, Klein closed his eyes and listened to the music that seemed to come from the horizon.
His body and mind were peaceful and calm, but he felt a slight sense of depression and sadness growing and reverberating in the air.
After an unknown amount of time, the melodious melody finally disappeared, and the gentle night breeze blew slowly among the hanging pea vines.
Klein sighed silently, opened his eyes, and looked up, only to see “Queen of Mystery” Bernadette handing a “human skull” with holes in her hand to a “servant” who was upper body and lower body.
“Okay.” Bernadette’s soft and plain voice sounded.
“Thank you for your help.” Klein saluted again and controlled “Resentful Soul” Senior to walk back to him.
At this time, the pea vines shrank upwards and gradually faded, and the green forest quickly disappeared.
Klein and Senior landed at the entrance of the bridge at the same time. The surroundings were quiet and deserted, except for a group of soldiers guarding the bridge not far away with their backs facing this way. It was no different from before.
/The fairy tale scene just now seems to be just an illusion.
Only then did Klein have the time to examine his marionette, and found that he looked more like a dead person than before. His face was pale, his breath was cold, and he had an obvious eerie feeling.
This should be the result of a one-time large dose of erosion. If we only guard Chanis Gate once or twice a week, one day at a time, it should not be so serious. It cannot be unbearable for two months. If this is the case, even the Orthodox Church, They can’t afford such losses. It is estimated that normal internal guardians can survive for several years, even ten years, but they are prone to mutations and loss of control. When they chose to become internal guardians, they should have known that there would be such an ending. Klein A sigh of relief made “Resentful Soul” Senior project himself onto the gold coin in the iron cigarette box.
Immediately afterwards, he used “Travel” continuously, first went around the sea, picked out food for “Creep Hungry”, and then returned to the master bedroom bathroom at No. 160 Berk