on them and gave them favor.”

The sacred and merciful prayers echoed underground, allowing everyone’s body, mind, and spirit to gain liberating tranquility.
Seeing that Klein did not react abnormally, Leonard stopped chanting and said with a smile:
“No problem anymore, you are still our trustworthy companion.”
Luo Yao, the indifferent lady who had remained silent, glanced at Chanis Gate and asked proactively:
“What did you see after the door was pushed open a little?”
“I saw the Doom Doll, the one wearing a black classical palace dress, 30625.” Klein replied with some fear left, “But within three seconds, it was pulled back by an invisible force, Chanis The door is closed again, what is going on?”
Leonard, Cornley, and Luo Yao looked at each other and said:
“Haha, like you, we don’t know the reason for all this. Since the Chanis Gate has been closed again and there are no more abnormalities, we shouldn’t enter at this time. We must wait for dawn and the captain.”
At this time, Luo Yao added coldly:
“I’ll stay here and keep watch with you.”
“Okay.” Leonard spread his hands and said with a joking smile, “As the strongest person here, I will also stay. Cornley, you go back to the second floor, in case the police department has an urgent case and can’t knock the door.”
Cornley didn’t say much, nodded immediately, turned and left.
At this time, Leonard glanced at Klein and Luo Yao respectively and said:
/“Maybe we can continue to play cards in this situation and need some entertainment to keep us from getting too nervous.”
“No problem.” Klein adjusted the revolver and put it back into the gun bag under his arm. Luo Yao didn’t say he agreed or disagreed. He followed him into the guard room with his silky and smooth black hair.
In the midst of fighting the landlord, no, fighting evil, Klein said casually:
“The Muppet of Doom, I mean 30625. According to the description in the data, it should not have the characteristics of being alive.”
“Haha, 3 a’s.” Leonard pressed his hand and said casually, “In the past forty years, 30625 has not shown the characteristics of being alive. We can first assume that the description of the data is correct. This is the premise. To reason and deduce.”
“Yes. Do you have an idea?” Luo Yao asked succinctly.
When Klein was hesitant to drop three “2s”, Leonard took a sip of freshly brewed coffee and said:
“Yes, since 30625 itself does not have the characteristics of being alive, its performance today must be due to the influence of other factors, and they are factors that have only appeared recently. Otherwise, it would have let us see this side of it long ago. .”
“And in the past month, what has been different behind Chanis’ door?”
Luo Yao looked at the three “2”s thrown by Klein and pondered for a few seconds before saying:
“There is only one thing that is different from the past, and that is that the Antigonus family’s notes and sealed artifact 2049 once stayed behind the Chanis Gate for one night.”
Leonard looked at the cards in his hand, tapped the table and said with