around me.”

“In other words, is there something else in Backlund that attracted you and Zaratul here, and influenced my destiny through you, causing me to be arranged by the church and stay in Backlund most of the time?” Renner Virtue seeks confirmation with understanding.
Pales Zoroaster sighed slowly and said:
/“This possibility cannot be ruled out.”
Above the gray fog, Klein quickly turned to a valuable diary page:
“On November 21st, because I made too many preparations in the early stage, I got the chaotic and terrifying ‘0’ level sealed item faster than I thought.
“Then, after a difficult battle, and with help, I finally restored it to its pure Sequence 1 Beyonder characteristics.
“In a few days, when the preparations for the ceremony are completed, I should be able to be promoted to the Sequence 1 ‘Knowledge Emperor’ of the ‘Secret Peeper’ path.”
“November 26th, sunny and breezy.
“The ceremony went smoothly, I digested it thoroughly, the anchor was very stable, and I didn’t encounter many difficulties during the whole process.
“I am already a Sequence 1 Angel, the Emperor of Knowledge. Bernadette no longer needs to worry about the influence of the ‘Hidden Sage’, and can continue to move forward on this road by adhering to the motto of ‘Do whatever you want, but do no harm’!
/“At the same time, the angel rank of Sequence 1 means that I can resist the gaze and pollution from the stars to a large extent, and go to the red moon to see what is there.
“Whether ‘Mr. Door’ is lying or not, everything shows that Red Moon is the key to the problem. If I want to become a true god, I must find out the reason.
“Prepare for another three days before trying to land on the moon!
“That’s one small step for me, one giant leap for mankind! Haha, that’s not what I said.”
Seeing this, Klein thought of Russell’s hysterical diary page again, and became increasingly suspicious that it was recorded after the emperor “landed on the moon.”
Putting down the remaining unread diaries, Klein began to use “dream divination” to recall the contents he had read over the past year or so, hoping to find clues to Russell’s abnormal mental state in his later years by comparing before and after.
Not long after, he saw a few lines of text in his dream, which was theoretically Russell’s last diary:
——In this diary, the emperor also solemnly warned possible “companions” to be careful of the moon.
The dream suddenly shattered, and Klein suddenly woke up, with obvious fear in his eyes.
“July 19th, the night of the blood moon.
This…the Emperor has forgotten? No, how could you forget something so important? He seems to be just a little extreme, so there’s no big problem. Why is this happening… Klein couldn’t help but talk to himself silently, and actually had an inexplicable and terrifying feeling:
The Emperor Russell who wrote the last diary entry, or rather wrote that sentence, seemed like a different person.
Above the gray-white mist without any movement, Klein sat quietly at the top of the mottled long table, as if he wer