f defense were left. Facing hard resistance, it is teetering on the edge of collapse.

After seeing the long queue at the food distribution point from the carriage window, Audrey slowly looked back and said to the personal maid Anne:
“Go to St. Samuel’s Church…”
The carriage drove slowly on the road, and Audrey’s eyes unconsciously turned to the window again.
Many pedestrians stood on the side of the road, staring at the horses pulling the carts, with green lights in their eyes. The lucky ones who successfully received the food walked covertly across the street and ran towards their homes.
Groups of policemen in black and white checkered uniforms patrolled the streets, with revolvers on their waists and short sticks in their hands, intimidating everyone who wanted to take risks.
/“Recently, we don’t dare to go out alone on the street…” Anne, the personal maid next to Audrey, muttered in a low voice.
Audrey nodded slightly and did not respond.
After a while, the carriage came to Paisfield Street and stopped at the edge of the square in front of St. Samuel’s Church.
The flocks of white pigeons there had disappeared and it was completely empty.
The “Loon Charitable Student Fund” and the later “Loon Poverty Relief Fund” and “Loon Medical Charitable Fund” were moved from No. 22 Paisfield Street to several small rooms inside the church, because the original building was in It collapsed during an air raid some time ago.
For the staff of these three foundations, it was a thrilling memory. If they had not left No. 22 Paisfield Street early for different reasons, they would have become victims long ago.
After getting off the carriage and passing through the gate, Audrey saw a girl with black hair and brown eyes and a thin face approaching.
/Without waiting for the other party to speak, she took the initiative and said:
“Melissa, is there any food left to hand out?”
Melissa shook her head with a solemn expression:
“Even the disabled soldiers we are relieving cannot receive enough food…”
Audrey’s green eyes dimmed for a moment, without showing her helplessness and weakness, she nodded slightly and said:
“I’ll find a way.”
“From Silver City…
“From beyond the cursed land…”
Gehrman Sparrow’s words echoed in the ears of Adal, Xin, Russ and other members of the Moon City hunting team, making them feel like they were in a dream and unable to recover for a long time.
Just when Adal was gradually regaining his senses and thinking about what to say, Xin, who was born without a nose, already asked a series of questions excitedly:
“Where is Silver City? What does it look like? How far is it from here?
“How many normal people are there outside the Cursed Land?”
Klein glanced at her and replied in an emotionless voice:
“In Silver City, on the other side of this cursed land, they discovered a plant that can be eaten normally, called black-faced grass. This allowed them to maintain the stability of the group, effectively explore the depths of darkness, and seek ways to leave. Method.
“They have recently found