to my limit.”

to my limit.”
The reporter didn’t understand what Kobe said, and it wasn’t just him. There was a lot of discussion in the audience.
Looking at everyone’s reaction, Kobe continued to speak, and this time, he did not hide his emotions.
“Why is it that when Vince Carter and Allen Iverson are running the offense, you’re all praising him and praising them as saviors, but I’m being criticized? Just because I’m in high school? I have to do double duty. Only by doing other people’s work can we gain your recognition?”
/The discussion in the audience stopped.
What Kobe said is actually no problem. This is what he has always wanted to prove. He is no worse than Carter and Iverson!
However, no one agreed with him, including the reporter who just asked the question.
It’s not that they think Kobe is really any worse than Carter and Iverson.
It’s because there are big sharks in Los Angeles.
Kobe’s idea seemed very selfish to them, because it was an idea of ??putting the individual above the team.
If Kobe is really going to do that, maybe he should change teams.
No one spoke, and the atmosphere at the press conference became a bit dull.
Some reporters began to turn their questions to Phil Jackson.
About the final shark-cutting tactic, about the performance of Kobe and O’Neal, etc.
Jackson also shows his character.
When talking about the shark-cutting tactic, he called on the league to introduce some rules, because that would make the game lose the “spectability it should have.”
He also used words of praise for the performances of Kobe and O’Neal.
“Kobe is an outstanding kid. He has no selfish motives. He just wants to win games for the team.”
“Shaq is still the same Shaq that everyone is familiar with. He can still dominate the game easily, but I think I should nag in his ear more. A few words so that he can be more accurate
in his free throws next time.” Questions were asked one after another, and when the press conference was about to end, another reporter turned to Kobe.
Only this time, it was related to Sun Hao.
“Kobe, when I was interviewing the Mavericks players before the game, someone said that you pretended not to know Sun Yat-sen, or that you had forgotten about him?”
/This question also attracted other reporters.
When Sun Hao first tried out, he attracted a lot of attention in Los Angeles.
Including the fact that Kobe and Sun Hao won ten games in a one-on-one duel, as Sun Hao began to gain some fame, it was also revealed before this game.
But Kobe doesn’t seem to know Sun Hao, which is really confusing.
“No, of course I know him, and he played very well tonight.”
However, Kobe’s answer made them feel doubtful about life again.
Kobe actually praised Sun Hao!
“I don’t understand.”
“What don’t you understand?”
“Your attitude before and now, I mean there is a lot of difference.”
“I didn’t talk to him before the game and said I didn’t know him because I didn’t want to do that. At that time, those games that affected me, I had to put 100% of my attention on the game.