r grandpa. The company is there. If you are too busy later, you don’t have to go back. You can just sleep in your apartment. It’s not a waste.” “

r grandpa. The company is there. If you are too busy later, you don’t have to go back. You can just sleep in your apartment. It’s not a waste.” ”
That’s right. Let’s go shopping now. Brother has a luxury car. Girl, do you want to go for a ride with me?”
” Wow! It’s a luxury car, I want to experience it.” Anya cooperated with dignity.
Han Xuan looked at her serious expression, rolled his eyes and said, “You are very boring like this.”
When leaving Chinatown, freelance photographer Messner was still following Han Xuan.
/He had just made contact with the senior management of the “Los Angeles Times” over the phone. After telling the content of the photo, the lion asked for 40,000 US dollars. Unexpectedly, the other party agreed immediately. At this moment, the whole person was extremely excited.
The reason why he hasn’t left yet is because the Los Angeles Times wanted him to take some follow-up photos and contact the “victim.”
When he saw Han Xuan sitting in the sports car, he almost laughed, and immediately raised the camera in his hand. Messner had passed through the crack in the door and witnessed Han Xuan drinking with his own eyes. This was another big news that could be sold at a high price.
Messner felt that today was his lucky day. He took two hot news about Han Xuan in succession. This was the best Christmas gift. He was filled with joy and thought about how much it could sell for.
Other media companies may give Han Xuan face and suppress the news, such as the New York Times, ABC TV station, etc., which are related to him. However, it is impossible for the Los Angeles Times. There is already a feud between them.
Each state in the United States has formulated different laws regarding drunk driving. Taking California as an example, a blood alcohol content of 0.08% is considered a drunk driving.
If you are caught by the police, you will be arrested and sent to the police station to wait for bail before being released. Therefore, going to court is a common occurrence, so people usually have to hire a lawyer to go to court to resolve the matter.
In addition to these, serious cases will also face penalties such as imprisonment and driver’s license revocation. The California government has zero tolerance for drunk driving by teenagers. As long as a teenager is found drunk driving, the driver’s license will be revoked and fines will be imposed.
Han Xuan’s driving was not in compliance with the regulations. It was a special exception allowed by the governor. Now he was driving drunk. Public figures should be careful when doing things because there are eyes watching them everywhere. Messner was excited and took out his mobile phone and hid against the wall. He called, but he didn’t expect that every move he made would fall into Jason’s eyes.
He knew that the young boss was drinking and that drunk driving would cause trouble, so he told him about it through the intercom.
Han Xuan sat in the car and thought for a while, then simply asked Jason to drive. Messner did not see this scene. He was busy