large bag of light red powder from the space item. This light red powder is a low-level alchemy material and is not of high value.

He sprinkled the light red powder forward, and the powder dispersed and floated in space. At the same time, terrifying space cracks appeared in his field of vision.
“The inner area of ????the God War is inaccessible, and the interior is completely occupied by space cracks!” The fourth-level priest reported to the “Starry Sky Flying Boat” investigation report.
“Scout along the edge!” the fifth-level priest ordered in a deep voice.
The five fourth-level priests began to carefully scout along the edge of the battlefield little by little. Each time, they used light red powder to open a path before moving forward. Although the advance was slower, it was much safer.
/The reconnaissance ‘starry sky flying boat’ followed five fourth-level priests on the periphery, collecting the findings of the five fourth-level priests at all times.
After a powerful god-level attack, it will break the space and create obvious space cracks. These obvious space cracks will heal quickly. This healing is the automatic ability of the big world.
If the space is continuously broken at the same location, although the surface space cracks will disappear, the space cracks will not recover, but will turn into hidden space cracks.
/Hidden space cracks are even more terrifying. They are traceless and have no different power than explicit space cracks once they come into contact.
From here, you can see how fierce the battle between the God of War and the three gods was, and the entire airspace turned into a space crack hell.
The reconnaissance mission is still going on, very slowly, and the marks on the star map are increasing little by little.
The reconnaissance ‘starship’ moved again. The distance each time the reconnaissance ‘starship’ moved was not much, just to collect clearer scan results more conveniently and pass them to Archbishop Ambrose in the main temple.
Suddenly, the body of the reconnaissance ‘Starry Sky Spaceship’ shook, and then half of the reconnaissance ‘Starry Sky Spaceship’ was cut open, revealing the space inside.
The reconnaissance ‘starry sky craft’ was originally a speed-type ‘starry sky craft’. In addition, there was no war at this time, so the defensive formation was not activated.
But who knew that there would be several consecutive heavy blows stretching for thousands of meters that would overlap at the same location, causing an invisible space crack sword to stick out outside the airspace of the God War.
The reconnaissance starship was unlucky, and the sword happened to pass by the invisible space crack. As a result, the reconnaissance starship was cut into a small half of the hull.
A small half of the “Starry Sky Flying Boat” was cut open, and the complete pattern array system of the “Starry Sky Flying Boat” was severely damaged and could no longer work.
The human living environment inside the ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ has also disappeared. The boat is not only filled with fourth-