emple of Destruction’ in the underground base can be controlled by David at any time in any world.

By borrowing the huge divine pattern array on the surface and the magical divine pattern array of the ‘Temple of Destruction’, David can issue fatal magical attacks in any world to enemies who dare to approach his home star.
Even with the divine support of eight ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’, even the God-Level cannot approach the Home Star, otherwise it is very likely to fall on the spot.
The divine power generated by the eight ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’ is so huge that it can be consumed by eight gods without having to worry about the supply of divine power. When the divine power produced by the eight ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’ are combined together to activate the power of divine magic. At that time, its power was even more unimaginable.
The cube super-intelligent system is currently operating engineering robots to begin transforming the home star. David’s plan is to transform the home star into a residence for him in the Zerg world.
There is no way around this. Who knows that both the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation have the means to detect the aura of gods, and only the Zerg world can gather so many gods in large numbers without being discovered.
In more than ten days, the project of the super divine pattern array was completed, and then it was time for the god-level clones to practice.
David and the black dragon Alexis did not absorb the divine power generated by the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’. David found his own way. His current strength is based on the ‘energy of the rules of destruction’.
He doesn’t want to rely on the Zerg’s belief in existence. If he relies on the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’, once the Zerg dies, his strength will be unstable or even decline.
This was not the result David wanted. His vision had already been very high. He no longer only saw the things in front of him, he saw his own future.
The black dragon Alexis has the pride of a giant dragon. He also does not want to rely on the Zerg. In addition, he has already had a mature cultivation method. The improvement brought to him by the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’ will not be much. improvement.
/Giving up pride in order to improve some strength is something the black dragon Alexis doesn’t bother to do.
David didn’t feel that there was anything magical about his attempt. He just proposed a direction for targeted research by the cube super-intelligent system.
But in his opinion, there is nothing magical about the huge divine pattern array, which to some extent contains the true essence of the three big worlds.
/The ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’ is the foundation of the Zerg world, and the divine pattern array is the application method of the power of faith in the divine world, which belongs to the domain of the gods.
What fuses the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’ and the Divine Pattern Array is the interstellar federation’s super-intelligent system. Only with the super-intelligent