ately, he was not the target of a counterattack.

In front of the wormhole, the silver-white spaceship that sailed out was damaged. Its exposed bow exploded and was disintegrated by the ripples caused by the expansion of the furnace cover.
Then all was quiet. The lid of the health stove also gradually becomes smaller and quickly returns to its original shape.
Wang Xuan’s soul was very weak and was almost drained. Even though the rich super matter had already accumulated in the furnace cover, when he swallowed the energy just now, it still affected him like a tidal wave, plundering the extraordinary energy.
The part of the hull that exposed the wormhole was completely destroyed, but the second half was not a big problem, and it was divided into four compartments and could be dismantled.
Sure enough, there were living creatures in the back cabin. Although they were in human form, they were not humans from the new star or the old earth. They were covered in green skin, lumpy, hairless, with four eyes and big heads.
“This spaceship is a combination of technology and supernatural beings. It’s a bit similar to Xuan Ling’s spaceship.”
After killing all the aliens, he went away in an instant. When he saw his own warship, he was quite frightened. This small and medium-sized warship was full of cracks and was severely damaged and could not sail far.
He returned to his physical body, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw concerned eyes, and several people were looking at him.
“The enemies have all been destroyed.” Wang Xuan said.
/“You’re not hurt, are you?”
“Are you OK?”
Zhao Qinghan and Wu Yin spoke at the same time, fearing that something would happen to him.
“I’m fine. Let’s leave here and get a more advanced spaceship!” Wang Xuan said. He is responsible for protecting Qingmu, while several others are extraordinary beings who can face the cold void of the universe for a short time.
Several people moved forward quickly and came to the wormhole.
At this time, the silver-white spacecraft was undergoing self-repair, discarding the damaged parts, realizing self-shedding and repair, and it itself contained active metal components.
“Extraordinary spaceship?!” Zhao Qinghan and Wu Yin exclaimed. They naturally knew that a ship of this level had been dug out of the moon back then, and the major tycoons in Xinxing could not develop it yet.
Wang Xuan opened the hatch, took a few people in, and asked spacecraft expert Qingmu to study the main control room. He began to clean up the bodies and threw them out.
“Forget it, don’t look at this spaceship yet, all of you come to me.” Wang Xuan spoke and quickly gathered people together, because he had just triggered his super-sense, which could even be regarded as a divine sense, and opened the inner scene.
Now his interior location is different from the past. What falls is close to real super matter, such as silver light and purple mist, which are very similar to the matter in the land of nothingness.
In the era of exhaustion, there is not much oil and water left