o a straight person,” Li Yongsheng said very He spoke simply, “If you have anything to say, just say it.”

o a straight person,” Li Yongsheng said very He spoke simply, “If you have anything to say, just say it.”
“Just say it. The Tian family has never targeted the King of England. It’s just that many things happen to happen.”
Li Yongsheng did not answer, his face expressionless. sitting there.
“I know you may not believe it,” Ning Zhiyuan sighed uninterestedly, “Actually, the Tian family is also very upset. There is a master of victory in the Chao’an Bureau of Hejian Prefecture. If the relationship between the two parties had not become so tense, It’s really possible to catch the culprit.”
“Why are you telling me this?” Li Yongsheng laughed, “You have to tell the King of England.”
“His Highness is angry now, I say it’s inappropriate,” Ning Zhiyuan said helplessly He raised his eyebrows and took a sip of tea, “It’s up to you to explain.”
/“I don’t need to paraphrase it, so just say it.” Li Yongsheng smiled and glanced around the empty surroundings. “There are at least twenty people listening to our conversation now. Just say it.” Isn’t it just a more
“Ahem,” after two dry coughs, an old man fell from the air, and it was Wuxin Zhenjun.
He nodded and said without shame, “I think it’s more comfortable to listen closer.”
comfortable question? As soon as Master Zhenjun sat here, many real people had to retreat and could not listen to the wall.
Of course, there are still four or five strands of spiritual thoughts that are roaming around unscrupulously, and Zhenjun Wuxin cannot expel them—Zhenren Shao’s divine thoughts are coming over to him. What can he do?
There are also several strands, not far apart from each other. They are obviously enshrined by the British Prince’s Palace and rely on each other.
But no matter what, there are far fewer people eavesdropping. This is the meaning of Zhenjun Wuxin’s appearance – those who are not qualified to listen, just stay away.
After saying this, he put out a wicker chair, sat down, took out a small wine gourd, and drank with gusto.
Ning Zhiyuan frowned, “Look, True Lord Wuxin is here. I can’t lie to you. The Tian family really has no intention of harming the King of England. Maybe there are villains who are provoking it in order to achieve ulterior motives.”
/Li Yongsheng He laughed and said, “If you have this attitude, why are there so many troubles?”
I’m not from the Tian family. Ning Zhiyuan rolled his eyes, but these words were inappropriate to say in front of True Lord Wu Xin, “Currently there are internal and external troubles. The Tian family wants to resolve this misunderstanding as soon as possible.”
“Domestic and foreign troubles?” Li Yongsheng laughed, “I don’t think so. I just clenched my fists and asked the other party to guess. I feel very relaxed.”
“It’s boring when you say that,” Ning Zhiyuan’s face darkened, “The Tianjia has always valued you, but your attitude is a bit unfair to the Tianjia.”
Li Yongsheng smiled again, “It turns out that the Tianjia did everything right, but I did it wrong.”
This guy Why is your mouth so poisonous?