“The question is is it worth giving Wei good luck?”
“Everyone else in the Yu Dynasty is at the level of a champion. Even if Wei Yuanyun gets Xianyu’s work, it won’t change the reality that her personal strength will overwhelm her!”
There are barrage!
As soon as the Zhongzhou audience saw Xianyu, they couldn’t control their emotions.
But the eyes of the male commentator suddenly became brighter, and he said excitedly:
“We have already gotten to know this contestant Wei Yun Yun in the Bel Canto competition. She is the one with the lowest level among the Yu Dynasty group. It is difficult for such a contestant to perform well even if she gets Xianyu’s works!”
“in other words”
The voice of the female commentator also had a hint of excitement:
“We in Zhongzhou will use the folk song project to complete Zhongzhou’s revenge on Xianyu!”
The live broadcast room was shocked!
Revenge against Xianyu?
The two commentators reminded everyone!
This seems to be a perfect opportunity for revenge!
First of all, Wei Yunlan’s own strength is at the bottom of the Yu Dynasty!
In the finals of the folk song group, there are two contestants from Zhongzhou!
/Even in terms of probability, Zhongzhou’s chances of winning the championship are far higher than Qinzhou’s!
Think of this.
The eyes of the Central Continent audience instantly turned green:
“Good guy!”
“That’s really it!”
“Is this the time for us to complete our revenge?”
“Wei Luck is the best breakthrough point, not to mention that two of our players advanced to the finals.”
“Originally, our players are stronger than Wei Luck, but in this round, we are still two against one in Zhongzhou!”
“Wei Yuanyun’s name is not in vain, she really brought good luck to us in Central Continent!”
“Xianyu is obviously a bit rough this time!”
“This is a unique opportunity, you must seize it!”
Seeing that the game of the Lan Le Club was about to end, Xianyu’s performance was still so good, Zhongzhou gave up the idea of ​​revenge against Xianyu, but he didn’t expect that Xianyu himself would reveal his flaws this time!
This made the Central Continent audience extremely excited!
To know.
Since the Lan Le Club, Zhongzhou has lost to Xianyu time and time again, and everyone has long been depressed to the point of despair!
at the moment.
They finally got a golden opportunity!
This wave wants revenge no matter what!
on the stage.
Naturally, Wei Yuanyun didn’t know what was being discussed in the live broadcast rooms of various continents at this time.
But she could roughly guess it.
Gradually his smile faded, Wei Yunhao adjusted his breathing and nodded gently to the staff.
Lights down.
Without any mental preparation, a refreshing chant suddenly sounded in the audience’s ears:
A fresh breeze blows from the stage.
It was obviously sudden, but there was no sense of surprise at all.
Four words:
One hit!
The discussion of the audience suddenly stopped at this moment!
High notes are common on stage, but this k