e even become interested in Chu Kuang’s other books. Anyway, all major bookstores now sell them.

Blue Star Writers Circle.
Writers from all continents began to mingle, and even some writers from Central Continent began to communicate with their colleagues from Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao and Wei. After all, it had been a month since Blue Star merged.
“I actually pulled Ye Cong down!”
“How can it be so effective with just one book?”
“It’s not necessarily the effect of a book, it could also be that the gap between them is not that big to begin with, so Chu Kuang’s book easily fills the gap between the two, and even surpasses his opponent.”
“There are twelve Chu Kuang?”
“Twelve of Teacher Ye Cong’s seats were taken away by Chu Kuang before their buttocks were even hot!”
“Those experts really like to fart.”
“Actually, the experts’ predictions are correct.”
“Except for Chu Kuang, everyone else’s rankings have indeed remained unchanged.”
“This guy is the only outlier. No one thought that the power of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” is so terrifying!”
at home.
Twelve o’clock.
When Lin Yuan saw the updated rankings, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.
Nanji tilted his head and looked at the screen, his tail wagging happily.
“Please eat something delicious!”
Lin Yuan was in a good mood and opened a can for Antarctica.
This is a can that Sun Yaohuo specially bought from Weizhou. It is said that it is very good in terms of taste and nutrition.
Blue Star is the most expensive and also the best canned dog brand.
Lin Yuan could feel that Chu Kuang was still not satisfied.
A good start.
Worth celebrating.
The chairman and Jin Mu called one after another:
“The ranking has moved up one spot!”
“Are you happy?”
“Are you satisfied with this ranking?”
“You are obviously not satisfied!”
“Depend on!”
“Do you know that when the ranking reaches this level, every promotion is extremely difficult?”
“Didn’t you see it?”
“I compared it carefully!”
/“Except for you and Ye Cong, who have switched their rankings among the top thirty writers, the positions of the others have not changed at all!”
“How much does it take to satisfy you?”
“First eleven?”
“top ten?”
“There has to be someone in the top ten, why can’t it be Chu Kuang?”
February 1st.
The news has spread all over the world!
“The terrifying promotion speed! 》
“Chu Kuang’s popularity reaches a new high!” 》
“Conquer Middle-earth, Conquer the Writers List!” 》
on tv.
There is also a lot of news about Chu Kuang.
blue star
“Chu Kuang is a Qinzhou writer.”
“There is very little information about Chu Kuang on the Internet. Almost no one has seen Chu Kuang.”
“Reporters went to Yinlan Library to interview, and the editors in charge of Chu Kuang also said that Mr. Chu Kuang has never been to the company, and many people are very curious about him.”
“It is worth mentioning that:”
/“Although Chu Kuang is full of mystery, Xianyu, a top musician