feat us all, we will naturally not be able to stop you from doing anything. What do you think? Woolen cloth?”

Rocky laughed wildly again. After he laughed, he roared ferociously: “Don’t you fucking mention my brother! You made excuses not to go there, so you have no idea what happened there. ! And what qualifications do you have to invite me to fight? A true demon with a broken heart, who was once the strongest in the world, is now just a lost dog. You are just a lackey, how do you have the right to invite me to fight? Fight? Do you think I stopped here just because I was afraid of those seven mass-produced true demons? I just planned to catch all of you flies! So as not to mess up my big business in a while!”
/“Mass-produced true demons?” Many people present couldn’t help but murmured this word. They all looked at the seven armored true demons. For a moment, everyone was filled with unspeakable doubts.
Rocky didn’t give them any time to react, but instead roared loudly in a strange language.
“Hidden weapon – Eye of Loki!”
At the same time as this voice roared out, a strange triangular symbol emerged from Rocky’s eyes. This symbol kept rotating and rolling, and it was difficult to see the weirdness of its rotation. It seemed that as long as you looked at this triangular symbol carefully, it would appear continuously. The soul will be pulled into it.
Everyone present is the most elite combat force of the soul organizations of various countries, and those who can survive the self-destruction of the Fallen, their strength and obsession are naturally self-evident, but when this triangular symbol appeared, the people present turned out to be… No one could see the secret. Everyone looked at the triangular symbol with horrified expressions. Their feelings told them that that thing was dangerous, very dangerous and even fatal!
“Dark World!”
Rocky roared again, and with him as the center, a darkness quickly swept away around him. This darkness was different from the dark aura field on Rocky’s body. If the dark aura field had substance, it would produce a color like smoke and ink. Come, but this darkness seems to be a void without a thing. It is traveling at an extremely fast speed. Almost everyone just feels that their eyes are black, and they immediately fall into this darkness. They wait until they come back to their senses. When I arrived, I was already in a very strange world, surrounded by a dark void, as if in the deep space of the universe, but there was only chaos around me, without any starlight.
Rocky and everyone else were standing in this dark chaos, and even the seven armored men were brought in. But what is strange is that the armored men who had been motionless before entered this space. They immediately became violent, each raising his own knight’s spear and rushing towards Rocky and others, without any of the calm appearance of the previous confrontation.
/“I see, your order is to defend the space 150 meters below the underground level, right? As long as you don’t enter, you won’t attack outsiders.