t this point, Xue Na glanced at Gong Yeyu next to her.

It wasn’t until Gong Yeyu released his aura field to resist the vast will of the universe that the others recovered from their daze. However, outside of this round aura field, the rest of the people, including the soldiers, were still in a daze. appearance, and just under this will, the entire Blood Sacrifice Formation suddenly flashed with light, and the runes, images, and glyphs that constructed the formation all burst out with intense light, and this enveloped the scene. The vast will, as the light of the formation diagram lit up, was sucked into the formation diagram, and then
The smoke disappeared, as if nothing happened, but only the souls present could feel it. As this vast will like the universe disappeared, suddenly, another dark and deep aura came from the top of the head. Yes, it is not the will, but the aura field. The will is the will, and the aura field is the aura field. The two are completely different.
To put it simply, the aura field is the condensation of will and other spirits. Therefore, in terms of will, it is almost colorless, invisible, and almost completely invisible. However, the previous will made everyone seem to see the universe. Generally speaking, you can imagine how terrifying the owner of this will is. It is almost comparable to the universe itself, and even transcends the universe itself. That’s why everyone was so embarrassed before, but the aura field that appeared above everyone’s heads was just an aura field. Although it was deep and dark, it was far from being able to compete with the will before. Of course, the huge aura field was also Unparalleled, it has reached the level of true demon level.
/“Sure enough, the reward obtained by blood-sacrificing 10,000 people at once was surprisingly great. The sky dragon projection has actually appeared. Perhaps after the blood sacrifice of the remaining people, they will be divided into two and exist at the same time. This sky dragon projection It’s enough to reach the intermediate level of the Demon King’s rank.”
/Rocky looked at the sky with a face full of enthusiasm. In the dark night sky, an even darker figure was hovering in the sky. It was a huge creature that looked like a snake and a dragon. It was
“Sky Dragon! Osiris!”
“In this case, according to our previous agreement, everyone will act separately. The final destination is Easter Island.”
Three days after the blood sacrifice, Pei Jiao and others, Rocky and others, and Novi Tyrone were alone. This group of people gathered outside the city where the Western European Soul Army headquarters was located, and here they still stayed. Dozens of spaceships.
These spaceships were found under the headquarters of the Western European Soul Army that Novi Tyrone has found these days. When the top leaders of the entire Western European Soul Army escaped a few days ago, they actually only blew up the one they used to escape. After all, there are countless nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs under the entire city, so they did not blow