e of Nirvana! He refined it into the Avenue of Nirvana! I will be refined!”

He flew hard, but he was getting closer and closer to Xu Ying. He was about to fall into the source of annihilation and die. Suddenly, a palm print flew quickly and hit Xu Ying’s palm hard!
Xu Ying’s body shook slightly, and the flood in his palm was annihilated, showing a look of surprise: “The Hongmeng Avenue among the nine innate paths!”
That palm seal contains Hongmeng Dao power. Hongmeng evades chaos, performs Wuji, and is extremely powerful. The promised source of annihilation was also annihilated by the other party with Hongmeng Dao power. The strength of the person who came was much stronger than Lingxuzi. .
A light pink figure flew over, grabbed Lingxuzi, stepped back, and distanced himself from Xu Ying.
“Fellow Daoist Xu, Lingxuzi has offended many people. I hope that Friend Xu will ignore the past grudges!”
/The person is a woman, with a long skirt hanging down like a lotus. When she walks, her footsteps cannot be seen, and her shape is like a lotus in full bloom, which is extremely gorgeous.
Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly: “He is another heavenly person, and presumably he is also a heavenly Taoist.”
/He didn’t want to fall out with Taoist Master Tianjing, so he immediately suppressed the murderous aura in his chest and said: “Lingxuzi attacked me twice for no reason. His tactics were vicious and he wanted to take my life. If I didn’t have some ability, I would die in his hands.” . Regardless of past grudges, I am not so generous. But for the sake of the girl, let him be spared this time.”
Lingxuzi was about to speak when he vomited blood.
Seeing this, the woman in the lotus skirt quickly checked his injuries and couldn’t help but frown slightly. Ling Xuzi’s Dao injury was very troublesome. Although he was not swallowed by the flood source of annihilation, he was invaded by the great avenue of annihilation, leaving a lot of hidden dangers.
His Dao damage was not limited to this, and there were also injuries caused by the Dao of Tribulation, which weakened Lingxuzi’s cultivation of Qi Luck and caused considerable damage to the Dao of Creation.
In addition, the energy of chaos still remains in his body.
“What do you do to provoke Xu Ying when you have nothing to do?”
The woman in the lotus skirt didn’t know how to resolve these injuries. Based on Xu Ying’s attitude, she would definitely not help Lingxuzi heal his injuries, but fortunately, Lingxuzi’s life was not in danger for the time being.
“Lingxuzi, please leave first.” The woman in the lotus skirt whispered.
Ling Xuzi suppressed his injuries, glared at Xu Ying fiercely, and walked away.
The woman in the lotus skirt stepped forward and said apologetically: “Lingxuzi acted recklessly, I will apologize to fellow Taoist Xu on his behalf.”
Xu Ying did not stop him, he directly accepted her salute and said, “What do you call me, Brother Dao? And how do you know Xu?”
The woman in the lotus skirt smiled and said: “I am born in the palace Jiexuan, and my Taoist name is L