or sword competition, but the situation is slightly different this time. There are opportunities in secret realms everywhere. If you don’t look for them first, and then use the opportunities as bets, you My senior fellow apprentices have been competing for a long time, so they can go all out if they get lucky, don’t you think so?”

“Opportunities exist in heaven and on earth. You can’t force them. Ma only knows that he will meet three people on the road. You are my opportunity.”
/After saying that, Zhiyuan’s trumpet came up with a sword, and the cold sword opened in the air. A sharp sword light containing the energy of Gengjin surrounded the three of them at the same time. He actually planned to challenge three with a small number to defeat a large number.
“How brave!”
The three of them were furious. Those with sword intentions were all extremely talented and arrogant. In addition, sword cultivators had a bad temper that exploded at the slightest touch. They all drew their swords and surrounded Zhiyuan’s trumpet.
The sword light fell in front of him. Zhiyuan snorted coldly, turned his sword across his hand, and used pure brute force to force the sword light to the ground, opening a ravine with a bang.
“But Erer, where is the sword’s intention?”
“It’s too much to bully others. I am polite and courteous first. I really don’t think I have a temper!”
Zhiyuan provoked him repeatedly, as if he just wanted a quick death. The three of them no longer held back, each concentrated their sword intent, and followed Qing Ming to cut through the sky, and the sword energy swept away.
Suddenly, dark clouds gathered in mid-air, and amid the turbulence of the wind and clouds, four sword lights collided fiercely.
Zhiyuan landed on the ground in embarrassment, holding the broken sword and said sadly: “The three of you are more skilled. It was Ma who was unwise earlier. Thank you for your advice, I will leave now.”
After that, he walked away.
Peipianpianpian appeared and Niubi left with a bang, which made people confused.
The three people from the Tianjian Sect looked at each other, looking at each other. Fortunately, there were many people with weird tempers among the sword cultivators, so the three people were not surprised and didn’t think much about it.
Just as they turned to leave again, another figure stood in front of them.
/“My younger brother, Lingxiao Sword Sect Lin Yu, has heard about the names of three senior brothers for a long time. I just met them. It’s really hard to live up to the great reputation. Bah, there is no need for scholars under the great reputation. Now I have the Changchong Sword with the intention of being a sharp edge. Please give it a try by the three senior brothers. One or two.”
It’s so troublesome. You guys only have one sword in your eyes. In such a huge secret realm, can’t you bend down and pick up something first?
Thunderclouds rolled endlessly, and sword light reverberated in all directions.
The sharp sword edge whirled, and the sword energy surged with it. Under th