as surprised and happy. His eyes fell on the big clock. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the big clock say: “Girl, don’t look at me, or you will go blind.”

As soon as it finished speaking, the energy of chaos surged out of Li Xiao’s eyes.
Li Xiao was stunned and said numbly: “I’m blind.”
Da Zhong had no choice but to say: “Use your magic power to activate me, and I will lead the way for you.”
/One woman and one bell immediately cooperated and dragged the flood source transformed by Xu Ying towards the island in the center of the star sea.
The sound of the big bell faded away, and he said: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you go blind. I am proficient in Taiyi Avenue, and I will keep it for you to grow as many eyes as you want.”
/Around the big clock, eyes grow out of the wall and dance all over the sky.
“Look, I didn’t lie to you, you can’t see it.”
Outside the Lingxing Gate, in just a few moments, most of the masters on Qionghua Island died, leaving only a few people including Li Xue, Li Jie, and Li Song.
Li Xue, Li Jie and Li Song were Taoist kings with tyrannical cultivation, but the others on Qionghua Island were immortal and true kings, and they died unexpectedly.
These people often die suddenly and violently, with no trace of any damage caused by magical powers. For those with advanced cultivation, their great path often collapses suddenly and turns into ashes, and they die as a result!
The person who assassinated them had really unfathomable strength!
Li Xue activated the Lingxing Gate, and the power of the innate spiritual treasure surged. Even Dao Lord did not dare to compete with this treasure!
However, she couldn’t find any opponent. She only had the innate spiritual treasure but nowhere to display her power.
Suddenly, a true king of Qionghua Island shouted, flew into the air, and fled from this place in a hurry. He was frightened to death by the fear of this inexplicable death, his heart collapsed, and he just wanted to escape.
However, just as he flew up, the avenue suddenly collapsed, and his soul instantly turned into ashes, billowing out from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose.
His body fell down and landed not far away, making no movement.
Faced with such magical powers, even though Li Xue and others had seen so much of the world, they couldn’t help but feel numb and fear lingering in their hearts.
If they could see the other party’s magical power, their appearance, and where to take action, they wouldn’t be so afraid even if the other party’s cultivation strength was much higher than theirs.
However, they have no idea who the other party is, what kind of magical power he is using, let alone who the murderer is and where he is!
“Sister, hide in the Lingxing Gate, maybe there is a glimmer of hope,” Li Jie said in a trembling voice, his teeth chattering up and down.
Li Xue didn’t answer and hid in Lingxing Gate, just to hand over this innate spiritual treasure to others. This treasure is an innate spiritual treasure given to them by Master Hua. If it is taken away by others, Mas