as Lin Yuan connected, he heard Jin Mu’s worried voice: “Have you read the news? Lu Yang is going to release a new book!”

Lin Yuan asked: “Who is Lu Yang?”
“It’s him!”
Only then did Lin Yuan remember.
“As for the news just now, Lu Yang had already announced that he would stop writing, but no one expected that he would suddenly come back with a new book that he had just written and said it would be released at the end of next month.”
“Next month?”
“What, oh, he will release it at the end of next month”
“I’ll hang up first.”
“What’s the matter?”
“Of course I’m writing a new book.”
Kaneki was stunned.
Lin Yuan had already hung up the phone, quickly opened the computer document, and typed the following four characters on the keyboard:
sky! dragon! eight! department!
For Lin Yuan, since he wrote the Condor Trilogy, he had to write “Dragon”.
Regarding this point, there is some foreshadowing at the end of the movie “Kung Fu”.
Based on Buddha!
So sad!
This is another recognized pinnacle of Jin Yong’s work after the trilogy “The Condor Shooting Trilogy”, and it can be called a magnificent masterpiece in the martial arts world!
Even if the Condor Trilogy can be regarded as an extraordinary work in martial arts novels, it only established Jin Yong’s status as the leader of the martial arts world.
Mr. Jin can rely on the Condor Trilogy to stand out among the heroes, but he is still not tolerated by some traditional literati who stick to the rules and cannot knock on the door of the literary palace in a real sense.
Until that day.
He wrote “The Eight Parts of the Dragon”.
It was this novel that made Jin Yong no longer just a so-called martial arts leader.
It was also this novel that for the first time silenced die-hards in the traditional literary world and finally recognized the literary status of Jin Yong’s works.
That day.
/Mr. Jin enters the land of fairyland!
It’s a joke
Anyway, starting from this “Dragon”, Jin Yong truly became a “master” in people’s minds!
And at this moment.
Chu Kuang also embarked on this “road of martial arts master”.
The green light flashed, and a green steel sword stabbed out suddenly, pointing at the left shoulder of the old man. The young man used the sword without waiting for the old man to use it. His wrist shook and the sword tilted, and the sword edge was already cutting towards the man’s right neck.
The handsome and unrestrained Prince of Dali was touring the mountains and rivers for a leisurely walk, but in a crisis encounter, he ran into the “girl” Zhong Ling who was playing with mink.
Handsome men and beautiful women.
Standard for the protagonist.
Lin Yuan believes that readers who have seen the early plot will definitely identify Duan Yu as the protagonist of the novel.
All right.
And indeed it is.
It’s just that readers never expect that this book will have three protagonists.
Duan Yu, Qiao Feng, Xu Zhu;
Prince, hero, monk.
The three protagonists are completely different from identity to experience to gender, but they c